by - September 24, 2012

hey guys, so term break has been a good time away from school. well not literally away from school, since i live on campus. O_o but well, you get what i mean, away from SCHOOL LIFE. 

Have been working hard at Fairmont, going on double shift each day for 3 days in a row, but im not complaining. well, mainly because its a good environment to work in. Managers, supervisors, colleagues are good to work with, the overall atmosphere is pretty decent. I would say its one of the best hotels i've worked with. and im not saying this cus im working with them currently, or im paid to, im saying this out of my own experience :) Im happy to work here, i wouldn't mind a career in Accor :)

anyway, while i was on my way to work, it just struck me how fast i am going to graduate soon. Dec 2013 would be the end of my course, (but graduation wont be until March 2014) and i'd have to make a decision where on to next. I've been thinking of staying here in aus to continue working upon graduation, but it depends if im able to get graduation visa to stay on or not. if im able to, i'd love to stay in australia, but perhaps not in sydney. Then comes the next question, what am i going to do???? 
As most of you guys know, im studying hotel management, and naturally the next step would be going into something related. But i kinda want to do marketing in a hotel, instead of being in rooms divison or F&B. dont get me wrong, its not that i don't love these departments; i do, but its just that i would loveeeeeeeeee to be in a marketing dept of a hotel. My second placement is coming soon (Dec-June) and i am aware that year 2 students are encouraged to apply for GSA or rooms division instead of going back to F&B, but somewhere deep down, i'd wish to be interning in marketing dept. hahaha, but i know its impossible... well, i could, but it'll be unpaid (NO WAY, i need to survive).

oh wells, just some random thoughts. time for bed, and breakfast shift tomorrow :)
good night everyone

before you leave, just wanna exclaim again, that...... IM A CERTIFIED OPEN WATER DIVER! hahaaa.


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