Brand new term!

by - September 27, 2012

holymoly! its still the term break now but im starting to feel the heat from being overloaded next week onwards.... 
Besides being on holidays, i have to work at fairmont and do mss shifts in the restaurant. and this is my mss roster for the first week of school. there's only 2 of us doing MSS next week cus the rest of the applicants would still be undergoing interviews.. 

Besides that, im soooo worried i've already created my new term's work schedule... term hasn't even started and i've soooo much to do within the next 2 weeks. and there's clashing events too. how greatttttttttt. 
exciting work schedule, and a super messy timetable..

time for a break
enjoy heaps of housefly/horsefly around!

 have some fairytale absinthe shot! it'll make you happy. hahahaa

Recently, during a wedding event at fairmont, jemma took the sashes off the chair and made herself a lovely pretty dress. but its so suffocating. hahahaa! ain't the wedding cake gorgeous??!! the bride and groom even had Ms piggy and super mario customized as themselves. awwwww!!!

So, new students have arrived, lots of unfamiliar and lost faces around, but returning students are back too. which is good :) 
Since today's my only off day from fairmont, im going to take this opportunity and clean up my shithole room. it seriously looks like a pigsty. well because i've been working day and night, i dont even get time to put things away. 
i shall have a hot shower now, clean up my room and go for my MSS shift later for dinner. oh geez, im working again, in school. #workaholic 

have a great day everyone!


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