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by - October 21, 2012

Hey all! its been almost a month since i last updated my blog. School as usual has been a pain in the arse, especially this Year 2 theory term, with so many heavy reading+project subjects.

so, besides being extra busy with school, i've also attended a couple of events happening in school and going for my current favourite leisure activity, which you'll find out soon enough at the end of the post.

Snowy Day
on a certain random day of this season (spring), it started to snow! i recalled yimin calling my room phone at 830am, telling me to look out of my window. To my surprise, i saw snow fall and i literally thought i was transported to another place on the planet. It was gorgeous!
imagine this sight greeting you early in the morning

we got decked out in our winter wear and headed out for some phototaking. Pity we went too late and missed the bigger snow fall earlier in the morning. Nonetheless, the remaining snowfall was beautiful to me :)

Circus Cocktail Dinner Party 
it was a themed chambers dinner last thursday which was done up by the events students in our school. & since it was Michelle's dinner, Sherly, Ting, Hayley and myself decided to have a go at it. Pretty cocktail drinks, deco, but the service, hmm not of the usual standard. But hey, we understand, so no complains :)

Top: lace top from Editors Market
Bottom: 3/4 skirt from Supre
Heels: black chunky wedges from Cotton On
Accessories:Marc Jacobs watch, necklace from BKK
Super cute frame photo prop

Alex Night
After the dinner, Ting and i headed out to alex and met up with a couple of our Fairmont colleagues there. It was a good night, but my poor calculator watch strap broke :( 

Jess Holmes! :)

Harry Mott :)

My two lovely boys; Harry & Diego :)

Some of my fairmont colleagues! mixture of Front Office and F&B :)))

Indonesian Cultural Night
As mentioned in the past, our school allows us the opportunity to showcase our nation's delicacy by hosting the Cultural Night/Lunch. This time round, it was none other than Indonesian Cultural Night! I was decked in Red & White to resemble the nation's flag, which is almost similar to SG's flag (thus it goes to show im quite patriotic). 
Top: Mango
Bottom: Zara
Heels: NeuLook
Clutch: Black crocodile sequinned skin from Forever21
Accessories: Marc Jacobs, Diva
Courtsey of Jelita! :)

With my fellow Singaporeans; Tracy and Firdaus! 
P.s. i look like a teacher bringing her student out for a trip in the photo with Fi. tskkk

Jay Park! who is desperately trying to be taller than me

Pauline Suyani! :)

My dearest felix taaaannnn!!!!!!! :)))
Fi was trying to singalong w the indo songs, but looks super fail here.

Sighhhh, such a typical singaporean, TABAOOOO!!!

Yours Truly won Indo Queen of the night! THREE CHEERS!!!

& the head chef of the night, Andri Kurnia!!! :)))

My cheeky bunch of friends :)

Big Ballers Basketball Tournament
Today was the day where all the ballers of the school came together to compete in a friendly tournament. Tracy and i went to spectate the game and our hair was blown up,down,left,right.
it was SUCH A WINDY DAY!!!! we were trying to keep the bag of chips and our hair in place most of the time. hahahaa! but it was good looking at all the other students play bball. i never knew some people were like this when they played........

And now, for my favourite leisure activity..... 
If you were in my school, you might have noticed me rushing off after Services Marketing class at 12pm on Tuesday, and appearing 5min later in a casual outfit & a big bag, running off to catch the train. Well, truth is, i go cable skiing every tuesday at Penrith CableWake Park. :)

Here's photos of my first session with Jay & Hoon. :)

After going for 2 sessions at the cablewake park, i fell in love with the sport, anddddddddd i made a decision to purchase my first wakeboard :)
 Its a Hyperlite 2012 Divine w Allure Boots :))))

For those who still dont know what's cable ski, its more or less like wakeboard, but in this case u're being pulled by an automatic overhead cable rather than by a boat as in the case of wakeboarding. Here's a video to show you what cable ski is all about.. 

Thats all i have for you guys! Im so stoked to know that my wakeboard is arriving very soon, hopefully tomorrow :) Im so in love with this sport, im going to head to this state that has a cable ski park for my placement. Will update you guys on my choice of state to go to once i get a confirmation on my placement :)

Time to head back to doing my assignments! 1 more week to go and 2 assignments+ 2 midterm tests are here! gotta study and work harder! 

Stay tuned! 

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