All about Cairns

by - October 27, 2012

Its a lovely saturday today,and i've decided to be a little lazy and not do any work, since i've got work  at fairmont later in the evening. 

But, i did do something. I submitted my application at xxx hotel cairns for my next placement. I really hope i get the position. *fingers crossed* I've got everything planned out, i even found suitable sharehouse to stay at :) Once i get a job, i'll apply for the room at the sharehouse  and start moving in when its nearing the time for me to start.

It puzzles me, but i kinda have a good feeling about Cairns :) First thing that i'll do when i get there, if i still have extra money after paying house rent etc, is to do this.

another to-do list on my bucket list :B im so excited for it, im gonna do the roof top run and jump bungee jump! omigosssshhhhh, can't wait!!!

that's all i've got. OHYES, and here's a shoutout to my dearest darling, Glenda Ding, on turning 21yrs old on 24th October. Happy Birthday to you my dear!  andddddddd also on her engagement with my childhood friend, Yiliang. Congrats guys!!!! I'll be doing a blog post next, dedicated to the both of them in congratulations of this wonderful event. :)


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