Congratulations to the happy couple in my life :)

by - November 14, 2012

This blog post is dedicated to my lovely couple; Glenda and YiLiang.

Lets talk about Glenda first. 
I knew Glenda when we were in primary school, primary 1 or 2 i think, which was back in 1998. Till date, we have been BFFS (best-friends-forever) for 14 years. Honestly, when i first got to know glenda, she wasn't the typical girl next door. She was vicious and so difficult to please. Also, her temper was well-known for being volcanic. But as you get to know her, she is actually a very pleasant girl, but still, not easy to please. hahaaha.
We spent primary school together, but separated at high school. I went to CHIJ SJC while glenda went to Hai Sing Catholic. Our paths crossed again when we went to the same college, Temasek Poly. Still, we were in different faculty.
Despite all these, we kept in contact, met up as and when we could. Did i mention we stay just right across the road from each other? :>

During the final lap studying for my O' levels at the airport, with Timo. how young and innocent we looked.. haha


The year we turn 18, having our first few drinks at the void deck after a huge downpour. 
Study sessions at Millenia Walk, during my first year of poly, and for your O's. 
when i had my ultra long bangggggs..

When you would accompany me on dates and be my crazy bitch. HURHUR. 

When yiliang had his birthday, and you made me attend his bday party with him, as xxx was there. hahahahahaha!


& we went to watch Vaunt V at Zouk cus you were interested in design (:

The year when i decided to head over to Australia to further my studies.... It was a big leap that i took, to be away from my comfort zone. But we continued to stay in touch, being there for each other whenever we needed. I still recall your SUPER (i mean really SUPER) long text messages about  how yiliang made you upset, or made you pissed off.

 Despite the long distance, we were always there for each other spiritually. I knew i could count on you, and sparks (nahhhh). 

Now, about Yiliang.
Lets see, where do i start from?
I dont have photos of yiliang cause it was way long ago when we knew each other. So i cant be bothered to find it, even if i did, they would be too hideous to be shown. Sorry dude! hahah
I knew yiliang when i was 6? Before i started primary school, i was put in a child care center cause my parents were too busy to take care of me, thus i was put there. Yiliang was in my child care center as well, that was when i got to know him. Boisterous as always, but still, a gentleman at heart. Perhaps the most gentlemanly guy I've ever know. Not to mention, pleasant and good looking. Dont deny it, yiliang, but i know you know that girls are always after you. even when we were kids.....
Glenda and yiliang didn't meet until secondary 3 (??), and i clearly remember the spot where they first met. Why so? Cause i was the one who called glenda out to accompany me as i met yiliang. 

That was when the both of them met each other, and honestly i thought they hit it off pretty well. Telepathic, maybe? Both of them have been through thick and thin, be it being together in a relationship or in their own separate relationships. They were always close, and i admired them for being able to be there for each other. One fine day, both of them were done with their previous relationships. Lo and behold, a new couple was born! I was ecstatic for the both of them. A small thought at the back of my head told me that I was going to be there for their wedding in the future.
The path of their relationship is definitely not easy, they've been through alot, had lots of quarrels, and of course good times as well. I could still remember all the worries and concerns that glenda had during the relationship. But i've always told glenda to place her wholehearted trust in Yiliang. 

True enough, in June when i was back in SG, glenda told me that they were  having talks of getting engaged. You have no idea how HAPPY i was. no, happy is not even enough to describe my feelings. i was joyous, ecstatic, elated, i couldn't believe my ears. 
My BFF is getting engaged with my childhood friend, and i was their matchmaker!!!

To the happy couple,

I wish you both everlasting happiness in your relationship and may you let the fire of love burn between the two of you. Even as you grow old, dont stop loving each other. Have plentiful of kids, dont end up having only a daughter (like glenda). Live a blissful life and be contented with what you have, and who you have. 
Yiliang, please pamper glenda thoroughly, don't make her upset (or i'll hunt you down).
& Glenda, don't throw any tantrums at yiliang. :)

Lots of love,

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