end of blue mountains life

by - December 05, 2012

i know i've been away for way too long. but studying has been catching up my ass lately. been slacking way too much, & suffering the consequences now. Finals are in 2 days time and i haven't completed studying ANY subjects yet. how pathetic :/ FML.

Worse to come, i haven't gotten a job yet for my placement!!! well, i am thoroughly aware that my batch of placement students are not exactly the most advantaged batch, as the season we're entering is the MOST quiet season ever. sooooo, i'll be happy if i can get a job at this point of time. If not, i'll be deported back to SG; part of visa regulations. nooooo. not that i dont like SG, but i wanna get plenty of working experience from aus, so it'd facilitate in my application for work visa & subsequently PR *crosses fingers* ohwells, i'll think of a plan when the time comes.

1 more week to go till school closes! what's your plans for xmas? i have my xmas plans ready in place and im so excited for it! shall not reveal it now but you guys will find out eventually through my FB, twitter, instagram. stay tuned! 15th dec onwards. *hint*
p.s. when you guys find out, please dont blame me for not telling y'all, cause im not allowed to, at this point of time. so, sorry in advance :(

About my life, im pretty sure y'all are curious yeaaaaaa! well, if you can tell from FB, then yay good for you. if not, go figure it out from my fb. Moving on, here's some kickass events i attended during the past few weeks.

24th nov was the historic moment of STEREOSONIC SYDNEY!!!! if im not wrong, we're the first state to host stereosonic, and perth was next, and so on so forth. It was held at Sydney Olympic Park. 

my stereosonic crew; amanda, harry, shobhna, holly & alex

It was like a major event, with different stages around. there's of course the main stage whereby the big players like Calvin Harris, Avicii, Tiesto will spin at during the night. But there's also other smaller stages where pretty decent names spin at for their hour of the slot :)

Destructo was pretty sweet!

random faggot

my dearest girl, also fellow singaporean!

check out how massive the crowd was at 5pm! the big players come at 7pm, but 5pm and the area was PACKED!!!

some random dudes asked me to take photos of them. haha


bumped into Novy just outside the toilet. haha its indeed a tough place to meet  people cus its SO DAMN PACKED

Example's pretty sweet too!

love this photo of us!!!

we got so sunburnt cus we were there since 1pm.. 

Key Ceremony 
this time round, i got to attend key ceremony (i was on my MSS shift last term). Key Ceremony is actually for year 3 students who are graduating at the end of this term, to collect their keys and be officially part of BMIHMS Alumni. so basically key ceremony is an event where we dress up, attend the ceremony, listen to speech, support our fellow school mates as they receive their keys, have a nice buffet, drink wine/champagne/beer and finish! here's some photos taken at the event

With the singaporeans in my school. yeap, a small community of us only. oh, plus the deputy head; Mr Goh! 

 Bcos there wasn't enough seating at the restaurant/cafe, we resorted to heading to lucas's room to have our dinner (it was the closest to cafe). since we were having all the drinks, the room became really messy. yimin walked out and brought in a tray immediately. and tracy was like "WA  yimin, your part time job ah" LOL. it was really epic!

After that, we headed off to Alex at night for our last party night out. Alex is where everyone started out, after enrolling into the school. although its not a big fancy night club like those in city, its where all the students (& some locals) come together every (almost) thurs night to have drinks, dance, have some fun. its where all the shit happens, and where you have heaps of memories you will never forget. Oh, its also where you talk the people you would never do so in daylight. haha. so cheers to alex, for bring part of us! 

my lovely stereosonic crew

Jelita's crazy killer heels

Yup, this pretty much sums up my Term 4 life in blue mountains. Its my last term here in the leura campus, i'll be heading down to sydney campus for my Year 3 studies after placement. Good bye blue mountains, you have been wonderful to me!

Till then everybodeh!


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