sudden change of plans that results in... HOME BOUND! :)

by - December 07, 2012

well it was quite a sudden change, sudden decision..

i changed my academic terms, so instead of going out for placement now (dec-june), i will be starting my Year 3 first, THEN going for placement (june-dec) and then graduate. there's a reason behind why i changed terms, but its too complicated to explain and i shan't bore you guys with the details. but from now on, i will no longer be with my class, the people whom i started school with since July 2011  :( & i'll be entering a whole new term of people (Jan intake) for year 3. but it's alright, its all for my future :)

sooooo, since school starts on 29 Jan only, i've decided to come back for holidays! i never ever get a dec holiday break cus my placement is ALWAYS during this period of time. Just nice, i changed my academic terms and ta-dahhhh i have a dec hols break now! therefore, i'll be in SG til 14th Jan :)

AND, AS YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW, SOMEONE'S TURNING 22 THIS COMING 9TH JAN! :) still thinking on what should i do for my birthday. where should i celebrate it and what to do? OR, maybe i cant be bothered to plan anything at all........  any suggestion, guys? or, someone kind enough who is willing to plan for me? hahaha. 

Im too excited to even sit still and study. FYI, i've still got 3 more papers coming even tho i've completed my management accounting this morning :D Alrighty, keep the excitement rollin for me guys! SEEEEEEEYAAAAAA!!!!


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