Summer holidays; Hongkong (Part 1)

by - January 25, 2013

Warmest greetings to everyone from the 45 degrees city (aka Sydney). It's been about a week since i came back from singapore & hk. when i was in SG, i've been trying to adapt to the weather change(which is absolutely necessary in warm humid SG) but still suffering under the scorching weather here :/ then when i got back to sydney, i got blasted by the friggin 45 degrees temperature and the gust of wind that felt like exhaust, literally.
As all of you guys should know, i came back to SG for my summer holidays, not back for good (unfortunately). I recently went to hongkong for holidays (yes, another self proclaimed holiday) and to spend christmas there as well. I've been swarmed with appointments with different friends, so much that i have to split my day into two parts; day and evening, to accommodate to all my friends. BUT, im not complaining hey. how often do i get to meet up with friends of mine, since im studying overseas, and yes i'll be staying in aus for a couple of years after i graduate this coming dec. So this is the perfect time to meet up with my friends :) okay, cut the talk, let my photos do the talking :)


i touched down in hongkong at night, 930pm to be exact. so basically my first day was settling down at home and getting some rest.

20th dec
the very next day, i met my aus school mates, lucas, sunny, fay & dickson for a day at ocean park! cus its summer holidays, almost everyone went back to their home country to spend the break. we met at 11am, but lucas & sunny were soooooo late. haha

So ocean park is divided into 2 big sections; the bottom section is for viewing and photos, like aquarium, panda etc. whereas the top section (where u have to take a cable car up) is where all the crazy whacky rides are at. hahaa. we visited the aquarium and panda before going up. i've actually got more photos on my fb, cus i thought i shouldn't flood this post with any unnecessary photos. so here's a lil photos to spice up my wordy post. haha

amazingly huge octopus!!

smelly but cute panda An An

sharks & stingraysssss
really adorable snow fox that fay and i adore!!
look at how it lays down on its own tail for a more cushioned ground. AWWWWWW !!

penguins are a must see! super cute!

Onward to the more exciting part of ocean park!!!

the cable car ride was like 15min long! i never expected it to be such a long, windy and lonesome ride. hahaha. be mentally prepared. but there are nice views that compensate for the arduous journey.  

our favvvvv ride! hahaha

hehe, cute entrance ticket

We finished the whole park by 530pm and headed off to causeway bay for dinner and drinks. a word of caution, there's heaps of people who're pushing for the monorail back down to ground level, so if u're going back at evening time, be prepared to guard yourself!!! seriously, everyone pushes like as if there's a prize for them in front. 
anyway, we headed off to the infamous peanut bar after dinner. why is it called peanut bar? well, thats because once u sit down, they'll give u 2 baskets of peanuts (free refill!) and you're allowed to throw the shells anywhere u want. at your friends, on the floor, in the drinks, anything at all. this place is usually flooded with people, cus their hoegarden is hugeass and only cost 60hkd! how goooood is this! & you dont have to clean up your mess when u leave! so we ended up playing "throw the peanut into your beer" game. poor lucas he had at least 20 peanuts in his drink at the end of the day

this is my glass of which fay was happily throwing peanuts in....

21st dec
D brought me to the hair salon that he frequents, and although their prices are a lil pricey, its still a lovely place that occasionally cuts celeb hair. salon is located in causeway bay, and its friggggin hard to find. lol! anyway it was a pretty relaxed day. shopped around causeway bay and had dinner at The Loop, which was located at central. then we went to meet Wilson at LKF and had some drinks and shisha :)

22nd dec
had lunch at Crystal Jade at wan chai then headed off to mongkok for shopping! okay, so shopping pretty much sums up my day. nothing much besides SHOPPING. the moment i entered Argyle center, i felt like i was suffocating and a mega headache just kicked in. crowds and me are no good friends....

after shopping, headed home for dinner and made oreo cheesecake w Ginny :) then headed out to Aberdeen for really yummy mango sago for supper! hahahaa.

23rd dec
This day, we spent another day in mongkok, but only for awhile and a rather slack day cus we gotta head back early and rest up for party at night. so shop shop shop, eat eat eat, went back home got takeaway beef noodles and took a quick nap. got changed and headed out for the party event called "Joint U Glamour Free Shots Party". It was held at Azure, which is located at the top of LKF Hotel. The view was UH-MAZINGGGG! well, though it can't beat that of The Peak. hahahaa. After getting in, we hopped to our table first before getting trays of shots. boy were we glad we had a table! there were only 5 tables in the area, and i think min. spending is 8000HKD. haha. so many random ppl tried to sit at our table and pretend its theirs and we had to chase people away all the time. annoying freaks!

BJ! why BJ? cus her name is Beverly Jane Maxwell (BJ). hahaha! love you!

so im drinking tequila from a bowl. cooooooool.

uhmazing viewww

dino hookup! that's what the hk ppl will call it....

24th dec
i woke up reallyyy late, slacked around and before i knew it, it was 3pm already. had dim sum at the south horizon club house afterwards. mmmm,yummy! dimsummmm, but it was slightly more expensive cus its at the club house. haha. then went back home watched some tv and got ready to head out for dinner and meeting the rest of my friendssss! had hot pot dinner at wan chai area and went to take the star ferry! it was really cheap, i thought you know some touristy thing, would cost you  a bomb, but i was wrong! it cost only $2.50 per ride! usually one bus ride would cost you near 10HKD. we took it from wan chai to tsim sha tsui. really nice views along the way.

 it was christmas eve, and thus there were HEAPS HEAPS HEAPS of people around the area... zuii and i had to squeeze through people and finally managed to get a quick shot with the christmas lightings...

 and ze annoying boys tryna be handbag models...

before countdown! butttttt the funny thing is that although there were many people crowded at the harbour, there was NO fireworks or official countdown y'know! it was just like people gathering and counting down by themselves, and offering free hugs & kisses... hmm, weird. so it was really awkward when people started 10, 9, 8 .... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and everyone dispersed after that. ooooggggaaaaayyyy. 

we walked along the harbour stretch before deciding to settle down in a chinese restaurant/bar for drinks cus EVERYWHERE was filllled! we all had beer and a bottle of champagne, and also vodka previously. haha. oh yes, and the boys cant stop throwing peanuts whenever they had the chance to.. look at zuii's poor lychee martini... :/

25th dec
Merry Christmas everybodeeeehhh (okay its a little belated i know). but anyway, since its christmas and everywhere should be crowded, we went to chang zhou! its an island offshore hongkong main land, its about an hour boat ride away. something like from singapore to batam. LOL. just that this island still belongs to hongkong, not the neighbouring country. hoho. okay so yup, nothing much just eating and more photos on this day. enjoy!
cool stall name, golden hair.

and the boss really lives up to his stall name LOL

Ginny :)


this really famous Yu Dan (fish egg)  that requires queuing, ANY time of the day!!!  

look at the size of it!!! hahaha

To be continued.....
Stay tuned for part 2 of my holidays!

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