Hongkong (Part 2)

by - January 31, 2013

Hongkong (Part 2)

26th dec
 Went boxing day shopping at some outlet area but didn't really get anything cus nothing caught my eye. oh wait, i do remember getting a pair of kickass heels from Bauhaus. ^^
had dinner and decided to head to the arcade. teehee. the games are so cheap in hongkong (relatively everywhere); its like 50 cents per game? haha. i love playing those shooting games, especially Left 4 Dead. muahahahaha!

27th dec
i woke up late cus i was trying to conserve some energy for the party that i was going to later on that night. hahahha! visited Stanley area and i really love that place! Do you know why? Cus its a place where all the foreigners reside. Its also a very expensive area to live in. Andddddd, the people who worked there speaks English! tadaaaa, its like finding gold, finally somewhere that has english speaking waitress. haha. oh and there were HEAPS of dogs over there, of course they're pets of the residents (not strays). superrrrrr cute chow chow and golden retriever spotted over there. reminds me of my dream dog in the future. heh heh

Who can resist yummy looking New York Fries. :X

Headed home to wash up and prepare for girls night out clubbing with Zuii and her friends :)

dinner at some seafood restaurant and the escargot (Chinese version) is so gross looking!
The girls & i started our night at this bar (i forgot the name of it) where we got free champagne & wine cus it was open bar. 

Whilst drinking, someone came over to my side and asked if i was Jasmine Chye from TP. i was soooo shocked! but then he introduced himself as Wilson from TP, and he's from engineering school as well! we even have common friends like Shah, Mujia and diana. OHEMGEE, how coincidental is that, fancy meeting someone from your SCHOOL in another country. hahaha! 

Wilson & myself :) TP OEEEEIIII 

Girlssssss- Korea/USA, Hongkong, Hongkong/USA, Singapore/Aus, Hongkong/Aus  :D
 Hongkong's night scene wouldn't be complete without a visit at Magnum Club. :) Beijing Club was too quiet that night, so we hopped to Magnum instead. teehee. great night, great catch up, great party :)

and this marks the end of my hongkong journey. it has been great spending christmas over at hongkong with a different group of people :)


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