Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

i still have my chinese knowledge right in place! so anyway, this is my SECOND year not being able to celebrate CNY with my family cus im here in sydney studying for my bright future. lol. nonetheless, my mom wrapped 2 angbaos and gave it to me together with a letter before i left SG in jan. she instructed me to only open it on the 9th Feb. Initially i was really curious what was inside, it never struck my mind that it was CNY eve. I opened it and saw 2 angbao hehe. Mom said to put under my pillow and feel the warmth of family around me. teeehee, so sweet. 

So what has been going on in my life lately? 
Basically, N.O.T.H.I.N.G. besides studying studying and more studying. Im doing my final year now at BMIHMS and im located in sydney city, no longer at blue mountains! You see, my school has got 2 campuses, therefore final year students are in the sydney city campus :) Over here in sydney campus, there's kinda more freedom but school rules still apply in terms of business attire and code of conduct. 
Still, i get to wear my own business suits now! and not the school uniform i've been donning on for my past 2 years. hohoho!
with yimin. my singaporean mate since year 1

And another buddy since year 1; felixxxxx! 
Besides schooling, i obviously need to have some fun yeah! hahahaha. so that's when i start cooking for my own meals almost every day, go out clubbing & drinking at night, meet up with friends in sydney for meals or coffee etc. I DO still have a life! here's some photos of my most recent clubbing days. 

Bamboo last saturday!

My school mates!

Cubic last friday night

 And since last night was CNY eve, at the stuck of midnight, there was a lion dance performance. buttttt it was kinda lengthy tho :/

so yeah, that's all i've been doing for the past 3 weeks! 
i miss home right now, cus i know they've been eating good food, meeting up w relatives, dressing up prettily and going 拜年.  How i wish i could just teleport over. hurhur *wishful thinking* Knowing that I most probably will not be back in SG till i attend my graduation ceremony in April 2014, it makes me miss home and everyone even more. I wonder what lies ahead for me after graduation. I really wanna take a trip around the world with my family, and also with my friends before i start working full time. 
Graduation seems to be approaching at lightning speed, sometimes i still recall my first day in school on 5th July 2011. it only seemed like yesterday. sigh, time flies, we're all growing up and old. but, its still part and parcel of life, lets embrace it! 

Till then! eat more goodies on behalf of me, and drink lots of water! i remember my family would get sore throat from all bak kwa and nuts. haha!