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by - February 22, 2013

So, i think i desperately need to do some work on updating my blog banner. 
I NO LONGER LOOK LIKE THIS. im fatter, uglier, no longer have permed hair

In all boring-ness, i had my brows waxed today! it hurts like a bitch seriously. well considering the fact that i have SUPER low pain tolerance(i actually teared when i pierced my ears, how loser can i get) and SUPER sensitive skin, i guess calling waxing painful is quite acceptable for me. Dont judge.

my redefined brows! 

Anyway, that aside, I recently met up with two friends from Singapore, TP to be exact. First was Ashely! Hmm, actually how did we get to know each other in the first place? I highly reckon its during SU times. haha, oh wells, we had a good time catching up. I brought her to my all-time-favourite mexican hideout, awesome quesadilla, margarita (tho ashely got kinda fuzzy after 1 drink), and tacos! yumzzzz. i can crave for quesdailla ANYTIME, all thanks to El Loco! :)

After dinner coffee at Opera Kitchen

Next would be Ethannnnnn! I remember we met during the same CDS class during poly days, PUBLIC SPEAKING! hahaha. and from then on, our friendship blossomed! Now, this big guy is here to stay in Sydney! He's about to start school at UNSW doing mechanical engineering. Brought him around, orientated him around the city area, introduced him to awesome asian supermarket (lol). 

That pretty much is about my social life. Rest of my days are spent miserably in school. :(
Well, apart from this "SECRET ADMIRER" day in school. hurhurhur

and yimin to go to school with... 

& take sneaky shots when im not aware .___.

assignments are creeping up my butt, everyday is spent conquering one after another. 
time to get cracking!


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