New Year // Fitzroy Island dedication

by - January 07, 2014

******Delayed post******

It is the time of the year once again, the very last day that we start reflecting on the good and the bad that has occurred during the past 364 days. 
2013 has beena meaningful and fulfilling hourney for me. It marks the end of my university life and opened doors to great opportunities ahead. I am forever thankful, grateful and in debt to my parents' kindness and selfless love to their daughter. To send me abroad to pursue what I want to do; to always care for and worry for me even though I am miles away; to always reassure me that I am constantly living in their hearts. Thank you for your kindness and patience (and money of course). I am now proud to be part of the family as an university graduate. Thank you for bringing me up and nurturing me to become who I am today. From an ignorant girl who only knows how to play and create trouble, to an independent lady who is starting a career and be financially stable on her own. Life has indeed gone down a different path ever since. 

2014 will be completely diferent as I officially step into the working world as a full-timr, away from all the books, college frap parties, last minute assignments etc. This is a new beginning

I don't really have a new year's resolution this year, but I do hope for my career to be smooth-sailing and for family and friends to be healthy and safe. Not too much on love or dating, but you never know what may happen. 
Bring it on, 2014!

I am really excited to share the news with all of you guys, but I will wait till everything is finalized before I announce anything major. 

It is my last working day at Fitzroy Island today as a Guest Service Agent. I have since finished my placement requirements for uni and (un)officially graduated! Well, we're just waiting on the ceremony on 28th February to officiate my graduation. Can't wait for the day to arrive! 6 months have passed just like this 

Thinking back, my first few months onto the island was spent mainly in the water. I could not get my eyes off the amazing beauty of the barrier reef; i wanted to be in sync with it. 

and of course, friends with common interests made it more enjoyable.

So intrigued by the beauty of the reef that I got hooked into diving! Once, twice, and into the deep sea. Obtained my Advanced open water divers license late last year, and I'm looking at going for my rescue divers this year!

It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to pick this sea cucumber up long enough for a photo. hahahaa!

Needless should i comment on the awesome parties/self-party-indulgence time that we have. Be it by ourselves, or with the public. 

The pure nature/wilderness of this island makes people feel at ease. An escape from reality, far from stress. A place to feel home, and relaxed.

And lastly, not forgetting the amazing staffs and friendship that was forged over the 6 months over here. Everyone played an important role; be it the cranky chefs, the mischievous F&B attendants, the chauvinistic bartenders, the funny housekeepers, the keep-a-cool-smile-on-your-face front office team members.  

 To all those who will not be here by March, you will be dearly missed.
The world is big, but fate is destined
Till we meet on the flip side!

Love, Jazzyfizzle-fer-darn-shizzle

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