Christmas x Staff party x December

by - December 23, 2013

Christmas is around the corner! Are you excited for the joyous occasion? Christmas is my favorite season of all, its all about the joy in giving and spending fun times with friends and family. It used to be with family, where we'll head off to different countries each year and spend xmas as a family. But ever since I came to aussie, xmas has been very different for me each year. One year could be spent moving house, another year could be working for my placement. This year, although i am still attached to my placement company, I got the day off on christmas! gonna have a small get together with colleagues, have some xmas homecooked lunch/dinner, cheese, wine and beer. I've been told that traditional aussie christmas are filled with seafood, barby and beer. well, mine's not that far off. anyway, its the spending of time and dashing in the mood that matters :)

And what's a christmas without a party?
This was my first time attending a staff xmas party in aus! It was held on 15th Dec, we had Foxy's (the bar) shut for the night and all staffs attended the party. It was lovely to see everyone get dressed up; dress, heels, shirts. Everyone looked amazing and different from the 'smurf' uniform we had on everyday. hah! We even had Kris Kringle (Secret Santa); my secret santa got me a box of nail polish which i totally adore! 

My taiwanese Housekeeping friends!

Annie, Charlie, myself and Charleen  

My gorgeous girls all dressed up
Last but not least, a very happy me after receiving my secret santa present! x


That aside, my asian musketeers and i have been up to more sporty events after our last wakeboard/cable ski session. They were so cute when they told me that everytime we hang out, we would do something sporty for sure. This time they came prepared, bought Gatorade drinks and shoes for a pumped up afternoon. Sure enough, we headed down to Cairns Recreation Centre for some indoor rockclimbing! It was a fantastic wall, not super high as well, but it was fun. It was an auto belay system, meaning you don't need a belayer at the bottom. but that also meant that you had to 'jump to your death' when you reached the top and trust that the auto belay system will catch your weight and slow down the descend. It was absolutely thrilling for the first few times, and we all landed on our butts and fell over since we weren't used to it.  

But it was so much fun and tiring, despite the low height. Looks can be very much deceiving! 

Speaking of december, I can't wait to go home!!!!!! 
Its been a good one year since i last went home, and this time i'm heading back a little earlier than planned just to attend my childhood friend & my long time bff's ROM! 
Yes you, Yi Liang & Glenda Ding! 
I am so glad i'm able to attend your ceremony and be part of this joyous occasion. I'm flying back on the 12th Jan and their ceremony is going to be the first thing i'm attending when im back. Yippeeee, i'm all pumped up for 14th Jan, gotta pick a dress to wear for the occasion. But i'll probably have to unpack and iron out all my vacuum-packed clothes first. So , i'll be back in Singapore for about 1 month, i'll be heading back to Aussie on 24th Feb. Graduation is on the 28th Feb and my family and i are going to be travelling through alice springs, uluru, kings canyon, melb and phillip island afterwards. Whether i'll be back with my family to Singapore or staying in Australia, it will be a question mark until then. 

I will update this space if i've got any updates on my permanent move or not. 
For now, i'm going to try and enjoy the last 2 weeks of work and have a great holiday afterwards!

Till then, take care everyone!


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