Thursday, December 05, 2013

Diving down under

Hello all! It's been a quite few weeks at Fitzroy, not much work to be done hence the reduction of my hours. But, that's not entirely a bad thing at all. I took this opportunity to go for my Advanced Open Water Diving License over a span of 2 days with Down Under Dive. It was a good 2 days spent on the boat, with my dive buddy whom i met on the course, Peter Gill, and the amazing instructors on board. Everyone was really professional, caring and fun to be around. We were on board the Osprey V vessel which brought us to the outer reef for all 5 of our dives. We visited Hastings, Nomandy and Saxons reef, and of which Nomandy was my absolute favourite. I can't emphasize how gorgeous the reefs were, how alive the marine life felt, and how surreal it felt to be sharing the space with them. Diving is starting to become an addiction to me; the more i dive, the more i want to stay in the water and explore every single bit of the marine life. All the different species of fishes never fail to amaze me every time i deflate my BCD and sink down.  

Did i mention i chanced upon this beauty? A white tip reef shark! 
It was the first few marine creatures that i saw while on my deep dive. 

Oh and this gorgeous...
piece of coral.
P.S. I promise to post more photos once my dearest dive buddy reaches home to England where he'll upload the photos!

Success! Now, I am determined to visit a shark dive site/den aka Magic Point or any other nearby sites. 

On a totally random note, spot myself & few fellow singaporean sydney mates on the most recent issue of Pioneer magazine. It was for the Singapore Day held at Sydney a month plus ago. Look how joyous we are, even though we're far away from home. hurhurhur.

On a serious note, my stint at Fitzroy Island is coming to an end soon. It was initially supposed to end on 19th December, but i've decided to prolong my stay for awhile longer. But, i'll be back to SG soon before you know it. I've purchased my plane ticket!
Till then, take care!