by - November 19, 2013

Hola! Life has been great on the island. we are entering our low season right now, which would probably be the best explanation to the massive reduction of my hours. It is kinda a blessing in disguise since it'll give me heaps of time to work on my assignment.  Yes, i didn't forget that i'm still on placement, and i have to churn out a 4k word report that is due in 2 weeks time. I've been diligently working on it, yes i have. Since i've got plenty of days off, i could continue working on them and get it done asap.

Besides the usual diving/snorkelling/sun-baking/paddle-boarding that i've been doing,

 i went trekking/bushwalking too! In fact, i recently went up the Lighthouse track for 30min and got sunburnt! gosh, to think that with the tree cover i could still get burnt, the sun must be pretty intense out here. But the view that you get up there, is TO DIE FOR!!! 
Photo was taken with my humble iPhone 4, with no filter. #truestory

Oh, did i mention we are also in the midst of MOZZIE season? ohhh yesssss, hell to the mozzies! they itch the crap out of me! It's funny why i am so prone to mozzie bites. i've actually done some research, by that i mean google, and it says that mosquitoes are actually attracted to O blood type. Funny enough, i am a AB+ blood type, the least attractive to mozzies. Mind you, i do shower regularly, so there's no reason why they still like to stick their mouth to my skin (especially my legs!) They are helllllluva annoying pests! 

Yesterday was yet another colleague's farewell. This time, it was my dearest Robyn Chamberlain-Webber! I will always remember our crazy night out, and also storytelling and heart to heart talks on my bed. I love you my dear girl, and i wish you all the best! I hope we get to meet once again before i leave to wherever i'm heading to next! If not, we'll just meet in London one day! 

 Take care my dearest xx

Onward to preparing for my return back to SG! I hope i can make it back in time for CNY, i've quite given up the thought of celebrating my birthday in SG. sigh! Shall end off with a pretty looking... coral. 

Have a great week ahead! :>


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