Friday, November 08, 2013

Holidays baybehhhh (Part 2)

Part Two of my Sydney Holidays continues.

12th October
After Singapore Day ended, we all parted and went back home to wash up, rest awhile and got prepared for the later part of the night. Since the rainbow girls (aka mel, jey, shan and myself) only had 1 toilet in the whole apartment to share, we were naturally the latest. Hey, you can't blame us totally. :>
Had dinner at an asian restaurant along Anzac and we were all comparing how dark/sunburnt we became. lol.

The usual Shanghai/Bamboo wasn't open that day, so we headed to somewhere else. Luckily i managed to get guest lists for all of us for (yes, its spelt with a dot in the middle, im not being spastic). But prior to heading to the club, we pre-drank at Kenny's place, and with me being the mixologist, boy oh boy, it definitely kicked start the night! woooohoo.

Made some friends at the club, had a really good time overall. Well, when a bunch of singaporeans gather together in Sydney, we ALWAYS have a good time, of our own :)


13th October
The next day was a super relaxed/do-nothing day. I moved my luggage to tracy's place and headed off with shan for our date. We ended up being so thirsty that we gulped down a friggin large sized watermelon juice and got so full that we couldn't have brunch afterwards. .___.
Managed to grab some sweet treats before our thai massage appointment. Good thing i spotted the groupon vouchers to treat ourselves to an hour long of Thai massage. It was Shan's first time going for thai massage, felt really excited for her!
I was planning to have dinner with Jay park, fi and tracy afterwards but we ended up buying korean takeaway and watched rented movies at home since fi injured his foot previously. Well, it worked out pretty alright anyway. Spent some time talking with tracy before falling asleep. awww,  i missed my hubby!

14th October
Sydney Aquarium Dayyyyyyy!
Yes, i haven't been to the aquarium at sydney. So patsy and i met up after her class to head down! Actually, having been living on the island, the aquarium felt normal to me. It felt like i've seen all the fishes here at the great barrier reef and they looked normal to me. haha. i'm sure if i went to the aquarium BEFORE coming to this island, i would have gone gaga over the marine creatures. Nonetheless, they were quite fun to watch. especially the stingrays and dugongs which patsy and i tried sooooo freaking hard to get a selfie with. hurhur, good times good times.!

Times haven't changed, we're still the same goofballs as we were 2 years ago when we first came to school, and chest-bumped after our skydive. love you brah! 

And with that, 4 days of Sydney went by so quickly! I truly enjoyed my short holidays back to Sydney. Although i didn't get to meet up with many others, i'm glad i took time (& money) out off work to spend time with those that i did, and to attend SG Day! Money well spent! I'm sure we'll meet again everyone! Either in Sydney, or in SINGAPORE! Stay tuned!

Till then, take care!