Holidays baybehhh (Part 1)

by - October 26, 2013

Its high time for a holiday since i've been working hard with little days off, so when i heard about Singapore Day at Sydney, i requested for 5 days off, booked my flights and packed my bags. Okay, not literally packing my bags that early; I booked this holiday about 1 month in advance!

11th October
Left the island, went out with colleagues for drinks and party at cairns. Woke up nice and early the next day and caught the plane to sydney! I was early for my flight, even had time to munch on some breakfast at the airport. That's something new for once, i'm never on time for my flight.... :/ Touched down at sydney and called melly straight away. went over to her place to put my luggage down and we headed down to fish market since i missed my sashimi.

Dinner was spent with dearest Amy at Opera Kitchen. We went for the citibank card deal and got ourselves a nice platter of sashimi & sushi, wagyu udon and a complimentary bottle of sauvignon blanc. Caught up with each other's lives, its incredible how amy's progressing with hers!  Its unbelieveable how we both met at a modelling photoshoot a few months back and we're still quite close as of date. I always believe in staying in contact with all my friends, be it we see each other often or not. Like modelling gigs, its always good to have a network and when you get future jobs, you might end up working with the same girl again! that's when the job gets fun. 
i miss modelling sometimes. I guess when i head back to SG, i might do a couple of shoots/events. anyone who's interested in engaging my services, do drop me a fb message or email! :D

The fabulous night view at Opera House never fails to brighten your spirits up. and it never gets old.

I missed you my dear! :>

12th October; SINGAPORE DAY
the long awaited day has finally arrived. To all those like me who've missed our local hawker delicacies, this is the day where we rejoice. Woke up nice and early at Shan's place and we all got changed to head down tgt. The weather was SCORCHING HOT, so unlike the assumed "spring/winter" weather. 

The event was MASSIVE. I honestly didn't expect it to be such a big scaled event, with marquees and all the food stalls; not forgetting our Army display and education booth. Alright, i shall skip the talking for now and let the photos do the story telling.

Getting all our laksa ready for our hungry Singaporean stomach. And the awesome thing is that they brought over the real and AUTHENTIC 328 Katong Laksa! well, honestly speaking im a fan of Jln Besar laksa, but 328 Katong works fine!
My friend, Wen Siong texted me a week after the event saying he was at 328 Katong Laksa in SG and he said the owner was proudly telling him that he was at Singapore Day inSingapore. Kudos to you Uncle for making our day, alongside with all the other hawkers! :D
A nice cooling teh tarik and bandung to chill those beads of perspiration away
Of course, traditional chicken rice for all


We've got laksa, kway chap, tao suan with teh tarik & bandung, and bak kut teh

Whats food without great company? Managed to meet my fellow Singaporeans Sydney-ers at the event. pretty happy i got to see familiar faces. It felt like I was back in Singapore, meeting familiar faces everywhere i go. felt surreal for a moment. 

Even the Deputy Prime Minister graced event. Goes to show how big scaled the event was! :O

Our local celebrities at its best. It was delighting to see the hilarious acts by the celebs, and to even meet them in person, something I haven't had before even in SG. how ironic, to be able to meet & greet with them in Sydney, despite the fact that they live in SG. haha

Chua enlai (The Noose) with Mark Lee

Hossan Leong, the infamous MC of all time

Rosie (Irene Ang) and her hubby PCK (not in photo)

Even Dick Lee came to sing a few tunes! OHMYYYY.
All the celebrities that came. Spot Olivia Ong!!!!! :D
 Here comes the fan girl moments. Massive squeezing and pushing to grab a shot with the celebrities. 

We spent 11am to 5pm under the scorching hot sun, and got sunburnt, but all was worthwhile to have a taste of Singapore once again. And not forgetting meeting up with friends whom i've missed in Sydney. :)

Love y'all! 
Stay tuned for part 2 of my Sydney holidays! 

Ohyes, before i sign off, i am planning to host my 23rd birthday party on 8th January next year in SINGAPORE! Yes, I might be able to come home during Jan-late feb (fingers crossed!). If anyone is able to contribute in any way, please do let me know. your help is greatly appreciated! either FB message me, or drop me an email at  
I am particularly searching for photographers who're willing to shoot my birthday party for that evening :) it'll be great if anyone is able to help me out


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