Life as it is :)

by - October 08, 2013

Hello hello!

its been 3 months and 3 days since i set foot on this amazing little island, 3 more months to go and i'm done with placement. During these months, i met really good friends and sad to say, most of them are leaving... :(
The most recent departure was Jeff, the really annoying but sweet taiwanese dude whom is the only person i practice/speak mandarin to. All the best dude! Hope to see you in sydney one day. 

So, in case you're wondering what I'm up to, i've been doing these.....

Yes, i've been turtle hunting...
Nah, can't bear to hurt these little magnificent creatures. But i do like to chase after them in the ocean :>

It nice to finally use my gopro; p.s. i took all the above videos/cropped shot with my own go pro. teehee! *achievement unlocked* its actually much clearer on the computer, not on fb. having said that, i actually am 3 shades darker than before. haha, i guess i'm leaning towards the wavehouse period where i was working so much under the hot sun in my bikini. hmmm, *checks at self*, yeah getting there. The next time you guys set eyes on me, you'll prolly think "that's not jasmine, she's too tanned". oh yeah, that damn right is me. 

i think this place is good for meditation and self soul searching. haha. well you see the big vast ocean everyday, listen to the waves crashing at the shoreline, turquoise glistering blue water and colourful fishes gliding through those calm water; ain't that hard to convince yourself that you're in paradise. I've recently realized that whenever something good happens to me, something bad would come through as well. I used to fear the "bad" part, but not anymore. The universe works in ways we cannot apprehend, what we can do is to give and take. Now when i'm given something, I would expect something else to be taken away from me. Not by choice, but neither was it a choice for the good to be given to me. I'm no longer afraid of something being taken away from me.

I guess i'm appreciating life as it is now. 


Two more days to a big night out in Cairns with colleagues from different departments;
Three more days till i jet away to Sydney for a short getaway!
I should start packing a different wardrobe into my luggage and leave those shorts behind. hah.

Life is looking good for now!


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