Unfortunate Incident of a slipped disc

by - September 14, 2013

Hey guys, as some of you might know, I am currently "injured". I've had my MRI scan done about 2 weeks ago and i must say MRI is quite scary! :/
Let me describe my MRI experience, its something absolutely new to me! So i got my appointment fixed and i turned up at the hospital feeling really uneasy cus i didn't know what to expect! The doctor called me through and got me to change into a gown, yes those paper kind of gown that only covers the front and not the back. haha! Then she brought me to this room with a door that kinda resembled the heavily guarded safe doors. So i laid down on the patient table and she propped my knees up with a little cushion and gave me huge headphones to put on. She explained that it's going to be quite noisy when the machine is taking the imaging so she's gonna play some music to mask the noise.  
When she raised the table to slide me into the machine, it really felt like i was entering my own coffin. Im not kidding, the space in the machine is so limited. She said I probably wouldn't feel claustrophobic as i was quite small in size. can't imagine if a big person were to enter the MRI scan, his belly would probably be touching the top of the machine. hahaa. jokes. but yeah, i had to lie in there for a good 20 minutes!! And even with the headphones on with loud music blasting through it, i could still hear the machine rumbling and scanning and making weird creepy noise. not the best feeling in there. Finally, after 20 long minutes, the imaging was done and i was wheeled out of the machine. phew, i escaped death. hurhur

two days later.
no idea what it meant. 
Anyway, i had my doctor's appointment yesterday to get my MRI report, and yes it is confirmed, i have been diagnosed with central disc protrusion with a focal tear in the annulus fibrosis. I was like whaaaaaat, what's that doc? In simple terms, i have slipped disc. My life is going to change drastically, from a sporty lifestyle to a cautious stay-on-the-ground-be-careful-of-whatever-you-do life now. 

This has made me realize how we often take things for granted. I've experienced a period of my life where i could not do any sports due to an injury sustained during my mere cheerleading days (yes, i was from Blazers for a short period). I never thought that this would happen again, lest at a greater magnitude. Sports has always been my life; i can never live without it. But now, having this injury, i have to be careful of whatever  i do as it is here to stay. It is saddening to hear of this, but it also made me be thankful for everything i have. Start appreciating all that you have, and not what you have not. Before you know it, its gone. Same goes for treasuring everyone around you, you never know how long they're gonna stay. 

Oh wells, i guess i have to start going for physiotherapy, pilates class, and change my gym style from now on. Oh and stock up on salompas when taking the plane (according to elainelau). hahaha
Alright, time to get ready for work now! Stay safe everybodeh!


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