Friday, September 06, 2013

What a week!

I can finally have a breather after all the mad rush I had this week. 
but its still not going to stop.

For the past two weeks, I am really grateful for all the opportunities I chanced upon, the doors that have opened up to me. I am truly blessed to have met everyone that i did, and thankful for what was given to me and the plans ahead for me. Fingers crossed that everything will fall in place and it will be a mutually benefiting choice.You guys must be wondering what the hell is going on here, but i'm not going to be a spoiler on this one. Shall keep it private for now (except the few who already have an idea) and reveal it later if the plan is successful  :) 

Recently, I did a photoshoot for my resort and it's for the new glass bottom boat sunset dinner brochure. It was quite a funny experience i would say, but nonetheless, it was fun! Met Christian, Mick and Alisha who were amazing people! Am glad to have met them through this shoot :)  
Besides that, work has been pretty busy lately; I'm only getting just one day off per week. Boooo! but then again, I get to complete my hours quickly! & i'm super looking forward to a retreat back to Sydney for Singapore Day!

Speaking of Singapore, I checked my gmail and I saw this mail today! I am absolutely humbled by the fact that my little blog has caught the eyes of National Library Board in Singapore and they have asked me to pledge my blog to their project. I know i've had this little space of mine since 2006 (?) and its just something that constantly reminds me of who i am, what i've been through and experienced. We should always be grounded no matter how successful we are; we all started from being a nobody. Click here to view the list of contributors (although mine will only be up on the site in about a month or two): Singapore Memory Project . With this in hand, it will definitely drive me to be more diligent in my blog posting, not that i am slacking MUCH behind (pun intended). 


Oh and, i've just had the most enjoyable/tiring two days of my life where I took care/was an impromptu tour guide for a group of 15 very special Chinese VIP on our little resort island. I am honored to have served them to the best of my abilities and to have made a lasting impression (i hope). It was a tiring two days where we (myself and the upper management) were with them/working for 14 hours. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves truly and definitely would love to see them back on the island for a visit someday. Or maybe we could visit them in their respective provinces. 

And that pretty much sums up my week(s) so far. time to head to the bar for Harry, Jinwoo and Juhee's farewell drinks. Cheeeeeeeeers~ !