A blissful day on the island..

by - August 26, 2013

Holaaaaaa everyone! 

I've been so bummed out by work and everything that's happening. everything was fine and good until a couple of staffs had to leave.. its always so depressing to bid farewell to people that you've developed a bond with. you laugh, have fun, get drunk together, be goofy, help each other out and suddenly they have to leave and when its not by choice, it just makes goodbyes so difficult. but i wish them all the best, wherever you guys are. it was awesome knowing you guys!

On top of that, my health has taken an unexpected twist. I recently had a case of slipped disc, resulting me being in pain/sore/discomfort 24/7. by 24/7 i literally mean every single breathing moment, be it standing, sitting, walking or sleeping; i feel the pain and discomfort there. I have been to the doctor, now i'm waiting to have my MRI scan done and probably physiotherapy sessions too. In the meantime, i am still working, and i got a comfy pillow to sit on. haha!

Days off are always the best time of my life...

My first (A)nything (B)ut (C)lothes barge party with the staffs!
P.s. im sure you guys know what my costume was that night if you've had a look at my fb.....

So yeah, life as it is now, working and resting plenty for my poor back. i hope i'll be back on track again, but i know slipped disc injury takes a longgggggg time to heal. I just wish i can do sports again. In the mean time, i shall not brood too much over it and just focus on work.
oh yes,  i'm really looking forward to my short "getaway" from work between 11th-15th October. I've applied for my RDO and air tickets to head back to Sydney to attend Singapore Day! So excited to get some time off from work, and to meet all my mates again in Sydney. i've missed every single one of you dearly!!!!

take care everyone! till then!


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