Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First month of my life on the island resort

I've finally gotten my hands on a USB mobile broadband and sat down to update this little space of mine. Apologies for the really long hiatus, i didn't had the time to properly sit down and type. I am adapting  reasonably well on this island, something which i feared the most that i wouldn't be able to do. I have always been a social media freak, but ever since coming here, the amount of time i spend on the internet has become so much less. In fact, I sleep super early now as compared to in the past. Bed time for me is 10pm now if im not out drinking. haha, i know i'm such a baby. but hey, waking up at quarter past six everyday is no joke man. 

Alright, enough talking, i'm sure you guys would love to see some photos of my surroundings.. 
If you guys are not aware, i DO NOT get reception on the island. The only exception is at the balcony outside the function rooms or the beach/jetty. Therefore whenever i want to use my laptop or phone, i have to walk out to either of these two places and use my communication device; which is a HASSLE! 

my dorm's cute looking balcony
 This is the beach which is directly infront of our dorm, the place where we head to sunbath or use our phones..

what i do after work.. :D ohyeaaaaa!

jetty at Fitzroy Island

 Besides working 5-6 days a week, we do have some fun after work or on our days off. actually i think the staffs drink/have nights out on most days (probs 8 out of 10). haha. 
Photos with chefies & others during one of the many nights out...

Jinwoo's 26th birthday party!

what my colleagues do for fun....

and of course, you cannot miss having awesome breathtaking photos of mother nature. These two photos were taken by Jeff, one of my colleagues here at the island. he takes really pretty photos, especially when we go snorkelling. underwater photos are always amazing!
Top of the Lighthouse trail, overlooking Little Fitzroy Island

Jeff's capture of a sea turtle on one of the snorkelling trips out
Ohyes, did i mention that i'm in the same living ground as many insects/creatures/weird stuff... like this monitor lizard... THEY EVEN HAVE A NAME FOR IT!!! holy shit. everyone knows that i'm the #1 loser who's terrified of creepy crawlies/insects/creatures/anything more than 4 legs and longer than a sausage dog. yes, i am in constant fear of bumping into these creatures on the island, and boy are they massive and roaming freely around..... sucks to be living in a rainforest environment. but hey, im still surviving! haha, improvement!

little squid caught off the jetty!

On my days off, I would usually head to mainland cairns to look for Harry & Allan! There's a ferry transfer that brings people to and fro cairns mainland and fitzroy island. I wouldn't head out to city if i didn't have a day off cus i hate taking the ferry. motion sickness sucksssssss. but, when i do head to the city, harry & allan are always there to meet me, drive me around, go party together and COOK DINNER FOR ME. awwwww, such sweeeeties! don't finish placement in october, don't leave me!!!

my cute minion from maccas. 
 Last friday, we all went out for my first night out in cairns. headed to Woolshed first for some drinks and dance, then jumped into a random bar outside for a beer and finished off at Gilligan's for the big night out. Gilligan's is kinda like the most popular place that people head to for night outs. I would say its quite nice and fun as well! wouldn't mind going there again on my next day off. teehee
LOL. poor guy had to lap dance/strip tease during his turn in the competition

my awesssuummzzzz boysssss!

with more friends from school turning up at the clubbbbb later on in the night

Colour Run is this coming sunday (YAY), can't wait to do it with the boys.  & we'll be driving up to Port Douglas for a day trip after the run to chillax by the pool/beach, sipping cocktails and sunbathing. ahhhh, what a great weekend to look forward to.
I guess this sums up my post for today. Will update more when i get the time and more photos from Jeff! P.s. i went snorkelling recently and saw a sea turtle too! I'll upload the photos when i get em from Jeff