Friday, July 12, 2013

Life on a resort island

My deepest, most sincere apologies to my dearest readers,

I haven't had the time to sit down and update my blog properly, but not because I was super super busy. But because there's no Internet on the island! I don't even get proper reception on my mobile phone, let alone using my laptop. Well, I gotta get myself a USB stick for Internet purpose one day. Probably not anytime this month since I'm still settling all my stuff in my new dorm (yes I've still got boxes that hasn't arrived from Sydney yet)

I'm still adapting to my new life living on the resort island. The cons of it is the lack of communication between us and the outside world. There is hardly any reception on the island, best place to get 2 bars of reception is out at the beach front/jetty. So yeah we've got no Internet in our rooms, or at front desk, or anywhere on the island. That's why I seldom use my phone these days. I'll only use it 3 times a day; before I head to work, lunch break, and after I end work. But I don't use it for long since I gotta stand out at the beach front and use my phone, which is not exactly a warm thing to do (it gets really chilly out there). Yeaaaappp, same goes for Internet when I get the USB stick, I've got to take a chair out and sit on the beach while using my laptop. Hahahahah, what a different life I'm having now.
But, besides that, I'm really happy working here. I've met really cool colleagues and friends and well I must say that drinking breaks the ice. Hahaha, hip hip hooray to all the drinking night outs I had with them. Everyone's really cool here, we've got a good mix of Aussies, English and some Koreans and japs.

I've got some photos of snorkelling and the nature trails of this island but I'll wait till I get my USB stick and I'll upload them. Don't worry, I'll collect more photos in the meantime to flood this space. They're really amazing!
 Till then!