by - June 27, 2013

Dear All,

Exams are round the corner for me, in fact, it starts TOMORROW!!! gosh, how time flies! Merely a week ago, I was still happily relaxing, taking a chill pill. But these days, staying up till 4am and waking up at 8/9am is a norm. So stressed that my back muscles are starting to ache and tense up due to long hours of writing and bending of my head to read. Even sleep times are no longer comfortable anymore, I ache so much when I wake up.... 

Soon, this will be over. Monday, 1st July, will be the day of my freedom. However, I will not be able to update this space of mine till a little later. I will be transiting from Sydney to Cairns and busy with packing up whatever that's remaining here and moving. But rest assured, I will take heaps of photos of my amazing (i hope so) new environment, new life and new workplace. Stay tuned, and please bear for a momentary absence.

All the best to everyone who are still having exams! & to those who're done and flying back home, GOOD FOR YOU. SHOOOOO!!


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