Post assignment celebration // Reminisce of the past

by - June 19, 2013

Assignments are finally over! 
I am sure everyone can heave a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, we've still got final exams to conquer before we can claim our victory. 

To celebrate the end of assignments, my friends and I had a gathering at Tracy/Yimin's place last friday. It was an all girls drinking session with Tracy, Yimin, Patsy, Kerry Ann and Charisse. All of us are from the same school (Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School) if you still think I'm from UNSW, and we've been classmates since the start of uni (well, with the exception of tracy, kerry and charisse). It was a good catch up/drinking session since some of us haven't seen each other for quite some time. I've always liked girls night out, I love being with girls (do not mistaken me as a lesbian) and having girl time. Maybe it's due to the fact that I was brought up in an all girls environment for 10 years (CHIJ OLN & CHIJ SJC) that made me treasure sisterhood so dearly. Plus, I've always wanted a sister, which I never got...... 

Tracy and I went to get the alcohol first, and the two of us were looked upon as mad girls carrying 2 hard liquor bottles and a carton of beer. HAHA! but help soon came over. 

We even brought along a trolley to stash all the beer to carry home. Being a market goer has been put to good use...

1/4 through the drinking session, yimin passed out. 1 down, 5 more to go. Then patsy was asking for her charger which was inside yimin's room but she locked the door and was dead asleep, sooooo patsy suggested for ME to climb over the partition into her room. lol, it was quite a funny sight to see how patsy promptly stacked her palms together to prop me up. hahahaa. Once i climbed in and unlatched the door, patsy came bouncing on yimin's bed. 

Oh, did i mention there's HELLLLLL LOTS OF DUST UP AT THE PARTITION?!!! I was practically covered in dust from head to toe. Tracy had to lint-roll me off. haha

Bm's gift to us <3 td="">

 My weekend was spent care-freely. Doing the things I like and just rollin' around. (:

Monday came soon enough, and it was back to school. Met up with shan after my school to study. Well, I merely started writing my notes for exams prep. The amount of snacks we had made our statement dubious. Nonetheless, we did study, and I even crashed over at her place at 330am! #hardworkingstudents


Ever since the end of my assignments, I've started packing my room bit by bit, filling up all the luggage that I possibly can. I've got wayyyyyy too many stuff (a common woe of every single girl) to accommodate. While packing, I was folding my sports wear, and I recalled how my major stash of Roxy items came about.  fyi, most of my surfing wear are from Roxy/Billabong. Billabong was because I used to work at Wavehouse Sentosa and our instructor apparel (rashguard, bikini, boardshorts) were sponsored by Billabong! And Roxy was because of the money that I won during the Roxy Shorts Competition I took part 2 years ago..

It got me reminiscing of my joyful journey with my Roxy girls in 2011. I still recall we were strangers/pageant competitors, but we got along so well and even remained close after the pageant was over. 

yes yes, i was really tanned back then... 

The male models who were hired for the fashion show segment even became our friends. Till today, we're still in contact :)

I hated my hair during then.... So, don't judge. 
The journey through this pageant and the friends made were far more delighting than winning the competition. But, I'm also thankful for everyone who voted for me during then. I'm glad I made you guys proud by being crowned Roxy Shorts Girl! :> 

Life is so full of surprises. Don't you agree? 

Winter is going on full-blast soon. Get warmed up, don't catch a cold!
Speaking of which, I'm heading up to Blue mountains tmr for my Key Ceremony! Yippe, finally, I am one step closer to graduation. 
Till then! Take care!


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