Monday, June 10, 2013

Keep it rollin' , Be grumpy


I'm pretty sure everyone's going through the crazy phase in Sydney right now. For us at bmihms, its our crazy intense assignment week (since last week till this). For those at unsw/usyd/uts, its exams for them! everyone's busy in a way or another. But we still set time aside for each other once in awhile. I met up with my paintball crew for Fast & Furious 6 just yesterday and it was vavavroooooommmsomeee! i really love all the fast & furious series, no matter how cliche people might think it is. I wish i could drive like them. oh wait, i dont even have a license to begin with *major sigh*

My past 2 weeks had been a major week of my life. I would say a good major as i discovered something, something amazing! :D Apart from school, crazy assignment late-nighters, occasional meetups with friends (pretty seldom), and a couple of grumpy moments, life has been decently alright. i've been surviving well cus of my grumpy moments that make me happy once again. :)


So everyone's going home this coming july, but not for me. I'll be all away at my island, alone. but that's alright, i'm looking forward to spending more time with the water. maybe i'll even return with sun-kissed skin (picturing hawaii beach babes setting). i guess i'll just have to deal with all the mouth-watering photos that my mates are going to be spamming fb/instagram/twitter with. if only, someone can be kind enough to bring authentic singapore laksa over to me, i swear i'll marry you (when i'm 30 years old).

Alright, break time's up, time to head back to researching for the LAST ASSIGNMENT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!! take care guys, pile on more clothes till you resemble a polar bear! :>