Kings Cross

by - May 30, 2013

What is life without experiencing something that you haven't tried before? I always believed that we should always give everything a try, experience everything while you can, while you're still able to. 
Live life without regrets 

Therefore, the 3 of us took the plunge and visited one of the strip clubs at Kings Cross last night. Before you start criticizing my actions, well, i didn't pay any strippers for a private show or something. It was just going there for an eye opener and drinks :)

For those who has never been to a strip club before, let me give you a rough idea of what it is like inside.....
There's a main stage in the middle of the club with 2 poles (obviously for the stippers to pole dance) and individual sofa seats around the stage (approx 8 all around). The area where customers first get seated is at this long sofa a slight distance from the stage. You only go up to the individual seats infront of the stage if you want to pay the stripper for a short "personalized show". After the short "personalized show" is over, you return back to your original seat. Every 15 min, there's a change in stripper showcase, so you get to see all the strippers and possibly choosing who you prefer (for guys). haha. yeah, so that's about it, its prolly like how TV shows always portray. 

We sat on our seat and watched various performances, various body types and ... audience types. oh, and sipped on our 20 long island shots :) If you were to go to a strip club, be prepared that the waitresses will haunt you down for more drinks, even if you have a full glass in front of you. 

70 Darlinghurst Road
Potts Point  NSW 2011

 After spending close to 2 hrs in the strip club, we decided to make a move and went to tracy's place for drinking session! Being adventurous/absolutely crazy, we bought a bottle of jagermeister and only 2 cans of Mother (energy drink). Got back to tracy's place and started drinking shots of jagermeister while playing indian poker. lolololol. 
3 alcoholic girls + lotsa drinks= Fun beyond imagination

Since it was Eileen's last night in Sydney (yes she flew back to SG today), we had to make it memorable. We drank till we finished the bottle which was at 4am ish?! hahahaha whoooooops. but it was a good night :)

Food for thought, written by Tracy

Movie screening cum IVG celebration dinner tmr at UNSW!
Yipppppe, singaporean food & movie to look forward to after a longggg day at school tmr :)
Time to hit the sack, and wake up at 7am for class. boooo!
Till then, take care!

Tough week ahead for me indeed
But  it will soon be over,
& I can have my ramen again! :)


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