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by - May 26, 2013

Mid sems are officially over! That's a relief! However, my tough days ain't over yet. We've still got 2-3 more weeks of intense assignments, followed by 1.5 weeks of final exams, before we can officially claim to be an "UN-OFFICIAL GRADUATE"

& following next will be the 2 dates that i've been yearning so long for!
20 June 2013- Key Ceremony; where I officially become an Alumni of the school, and receive my keys as part of a semi-graduation. 
28 Feb 2014- Graduation Ceremony; officially holding a Bachelor of Business in Hotel and Resort Management degree. 
it will soon be over.

23rd May
To reward myself, i went for Hangover III movie night with my paintball crew. haha, i've no idea how to list everyone's names down, so i shall just call them Paintball crew, since all of us went paintball together and then our whatsapp group chat became Hangover III.. movie was awesomeee, i hope there's a Hangover IV but highly doubt so since word goes that Hangover III is going to be the last. 
Before Hangover, we had an superb home meal of prata, satay and nasi goreng at Mamak. I've always walked past Mamak, smelt the aroma of prata and curry sauce but never dined there before. This time round, i finally got the chance to do so. The queue is notoriously long so we had to queue beforehand, but it was all worth it. 

I had a plain and an egg prata, shared Satay and chendol with Shan, Jey & Mel. My advice is if you're a small eater, or a girl-sized eater, get eh egg prata and it'll be more than enough to satisfy your stomach. One serving of the egg prata comes in 4 triangular pieces and it its quite filling i would say. The plain prata (ball like dough on the right plate) is possibly not as filling as the egg, but i had both and i couldn't finish.... :/

Satay tastes reallllllly good, but the peanut sauce and the tenderness of the meat isn't as authentic as Lau Pat Sat's one. But, we'll settle for second best in Sydney. 

15 Goulburn Street
Haymarket Sydney NSW 2000

After movie, i headed back home to change and then off to darling harbour to meet Elaine & the boys after their College Ball. It was an impromptu decision to go clubbing that night for me, but oh wells, decided i could use a short break after mid sems. We headed off to Marquee that night for the OPM event. Good good night i had, hope everyone else felt the same too.. well, maybe not EVERYONE. hah. 

hmm i really wonder what's with the boys these days and their carrying fetish

brother from another mother

love my girlsssssssss

Sauce, we look like a fighting (loving) couple. 

24th May
woke up really late in the afternoon and watched Hawaii Five-0 for the whole day until dinner time. Got changed up and met Elaine & the boys again (i need to come up with a name for them) to go Shady Pines, Vivid Sydney and Shanghai Night afterwards.
It was my first time to Shady Pines Salon, it's seriously a damn cool place for whiskey lovers. All stocked up with bottles of aged whiskey of different varieties, boy oh boy, it is heaven! I still recall the times i had with Ivan Lim (then editor of The New Paper), going on Entourage every wednesday to explore the night life in Singapore.

This was one of the formal whiskey appearance on news paper that i had, and it was through this that got me so excited about whiskey. I still remember we were featuring Highlanders, a whiskey place in the heart of Clarke Quay. I was 19 years old then, and i remember being presented with a 19 year old whiskey and i said ' now i know this is how i taste like.' LOLOLOL. okay its ridiculously lame, but hey c'mon i was 19 and funny (still am). 

And soon after, it was One with Chivas event at Clarke Quay and once again I was invited to attend the event with Ivan as part of TNP's wednesday section of Entourage. Yes, i was REALLY dark/tanned back then. Peak season of triathlon training in TP and also working at wavehouse. hurhurhur. 

So bottom line of this story is that, i really like whiskey. heh heh. 
So anyway, back to my daily muse. Shady Pines, yes its a wonderful rustic place that I would definitely visit again with whiskey lovers :)
I read on the internet that whiskey sour was a popular drink at Shady Pines and I couldn't resist the temptation to get one for myself too. 

Out of the blue, the boys (particularly Sick & Glen) started whacking each other's balls anddddd this resulted...

& this is my official brother from another mother.. Poor elaine. haha

 After Shady Pines, we thought it'll be good to head over to Vivid Sydney to see lights whilst being trippy. Unfortunately for majority of us, it wasn't trippy enough and the weather was cold & wet! Anyhow, lights were the attraction!

After viewing lights, we headed off to Shanghai Night at 11pm. It was considered to be one of the earliest nights we have ever been to Shanghai Night. Pretty empty when we went, but well it was pouring cold the entire day, and we were way too early. But, we still had fun with our drinks, silly moments and hottie twin Djs from Hongkong! :>

I am sure we can all tell who's the tall (high) one...

When the night was about to come to an end, i managed to grab a photo on stage (with the help of Howin. Thanks!) with the guest DJs; SumiYaki, Hongkong's hottest twin DJs.
Great awesome night! 

Anyway, from saturday onwards, i told myself no more partying until 7th June, that's when all my assignments are done!!! i have to resist, i have to control, i have to be a nerd! I've been quite true to my words, doing my assignments diligently ever since the last clubbing night. 
And, saturday was a magical night for me. Spent it really peacefully, had lots of fun and i got an email from Fitzroy Island saying that I got accepted for the position of Guest Service Agent (GSA) for my placement!!! I am of course delighted and ecstatic at this piece of news cause i've always wanted to work on a resort island, live up there and enjoy the sea breeze every night. how wonderful and tranquil does it sound to you? My duties will include GSA mainly, but i will get to do Reservations and Night Auditing as well. Hopefully (fingers crossed), i will get a permanent position with the resort after graduation :)

With that said, I will have to leave Sydney. Fitzroy Island is located at Queensland, 45 min ferry ride from Cairns. Yes, it is very secluded and that's why we all live on the island. I will be flying off from Sydney on 4th July 10am, and i will not be back until my graduation ceremony in Feb 2014. Friends who are visiting Cairns, COME LOOK FOR ME! :D

Alright, i guess its time for me to head back to nerding and aim to finish my Revenue Management assignments asap, before starting on another one! I'm so excited to start a new chapter in my life, but also sad at the time to leave behind the memories. 
Till then, take care everyone! 


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