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by - May 21, 2013

Its been close to a month since i last updated. oh yesss, i do feel bad for abandoning this little space of mine, but when the time calls for me to be away (with my books, notes, project and more), i gotta goooo. hah, okay enough of my bull crap, i've always been busy... Since when am i not? so i shan't give any excuses, and start getting down to updating :)

28th April
It was the day of our Inter-Varsity Games (IVG), the day where all the Singaporean society/associations from USYD, UNSW, UMacq, UNC came together to battle out for the champion title. There were a series of frisbee, touch rugby, netball, soccer and captains ball; half of 'em were held at Usyd aquatic centre and the other half at Wentworth park. I was part of the captins ball team, and if you have been following this space of mine, y'all would have known that I travel to UNSW every saturday for captains ball training the past few weeks :) Last year, UNSW was champs although they lost the touch rugby game. This year, pressure was on to have a clean sweep, and im glad to say we did! It was a good day for us, especially when there's chicken rice provided for! muahahaha! Shannie, Kristal, Jey, Mel & John even came down to support us all! awwwwwwww! <3 p="">

Jey, shan, myself, claire and gen
Captain's Ball Team!
& here's to the champs photo; Team UNSW! 
It was a wonderful journey, and through this i got to broaden my network of UNSW friends. Even though I was the only one who isn't from UNSW in this IVG, im glad that everyone treated me the same and welcomed me nonetheless :) It was pleasant time spent with all of you.

10th May
Since Emily was returning back to Korea for good, we decided to have a quick meetup before we bid farewell. I knew emily about 2 years back when she was still a student at BM, but was transferring to William Blue at that time. I was staying with my korean mates back then, which explains why emily visited our house often. During my stay at Summit Apartment with Tom, Susan and Kyu, we always had emmy over, and the girls would go partying all the time. We had so many fond memories together. Unfortunately, emmy's sick of staying away from her family (8 years till date- she studied in NZ before uni) and she's back to korea for good.  So, since we were always in the city, I decided on our brunch date at Surry Hills. Looked up on this pretty cool graffiti cafe called Cowbell 808 @ Bourke Street and decided to give it a shot. Its a pretty small cafe,but with really good burgers. I had their signature cowbell burger and I would say the beef was pretty succulent, which is good cus imma sucker for beef patties :P
Cowbell 808
Pricing: $$
616 Bourke Street 
Surry Hills NSW 2010

On the same night, I paid a visit to Shanghai Night for some partttttayyyeee. Well, i wasn't planning on going initially as I was already in my PJs and face mask. buttttt, elaine's persuading skills managed to get me out. It was a good night out, but it would have been better if the boys didn't stick by the ginormous speakers the entire night. 

My sauce; Elaine. hahahahahaha!

11th May 
Sydney Comedy Festival, oh yesssss! Muthu had tickets for the show and asked if i wanted to come along. Since my dearest pauline ding was arriving from SG on that day, i thought why not go together? So muthu brought his friend (who is on SAF training) along, and we went to Metro to catch the Sons of Singapore. Coincidentally, we bumped into Kenny, Caderina, Calvin & co inside!
Sons of Singapore is a trio stand up comedian group who obviously represent Singapore (Chinese, Malay, Indian) and apparently, they've been to various parts of SEA to perform, and i think the chinese guy won runner up place at the Hong Kong comedy competition? yeah, something along the line. Personally, i preferred the malay dude's performance. His closing act was the most hilarious and till today, I can still picture him reenacting it. hahaha.  But overall, it was a really heartening comedy performance by the trio *three cheers*
After the show ended, we decided to head for dinner altogether at Hard Rock Cafe Darling Harbour. Pauline and i shared the rodeo wings since we had dinner earlier on before the show. Ohemgeeeee, the wings are TO-DIE-FOR! although they were helluva spicy, it was soooooooo good! even a spicy dummy like me is craving for more. 

12th May
Oh, i went wakeboarding on my own to Penrith. oh yessss, on maaaaah own! but it was a wrong choice, totally wrong choice to go. the queue for your turn is insane! plus with the chilly water and cold wind, waiting 20min for your ride is a nightmare! I guess i'll still head back up since i've got my 6 month unlimited wakeboarding pass (WOOHOO!!!!) but i'll wait till my wetsuit arrives. Yes, we do wear wetsuits when we cableski/wakeboard cus its just way too cold and unbearable. 


18th May
YIPPPPPPE! we finally had our paintball session after 2 weeks of waiting! I managed to book in a slot for us to play after all the fuss and whats not. All of us woke up super early to get to the train station on time since we had to reach Milperra (40min from city) at 830am!!!!!! Arrived there on time, got our gears, changed, loaded our guns up and had briefing! everything happened so quickly we didn't even had time to snap any photos or what :(
Started our first few rounds of game and only after which, during the break time, then we got time to sit down and snap some photos
Went back into the game straight after the short break. We played with other strangers in our team cus we didn't have 24 players to fill the entire field. Well, it was an awkward situation. The boys all went through army and they were giving us instructions (yes, they were) but the other strangers were like ummm doing their own things on the field. Oh, and my experience from this is that; you ain't see any shit on the field, you just open fire.  Apparently, i shot kenny quite a few times and this one shot was kindaaaa badddddd. BUT I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS HIM WHEN I SHOT HIM! then again, i shot johnathan quite a fair bit too. lol.
my prized possession on kenny's arm
Had lunch break and then back to the game again, and finally at 2pm the game concluded. I think we played on a total of 7 terrains, 2 games each on every terrains, and the last one was "One Man for All", meaning u're on your own and you shoot to kill/too pained out from the shots/no more pellets to shoot. This was one of the close compound terrain (The graveyard). The erected "tombstones" were realllllly close to each other, which made getting hit even more painful! 
I think after playing paintball, Shan and i came to a conclusion; we are good at finding hiding spots and shooting specifically from those spots. hahahaha!

One of my injuries from the last game........

Aussie Paintball oi oi oi

 On the way out, a random urge to do jump shots..... Oh, we had to take 7 shots for the girls to achieve everyone in the air shot.

 But, the boys do it better. 

And so, that marks the end of my relaxed weekend. 
Starting from this week onwards, there's not going to be any play for me (i hope) cus mid sems are THIS WEEK, and assignments are spammmmmed heavily and the first to be due is on the 28th, which is NEXT WEEEEEEEEEK! :O The worse thing of all is that these individual/group assignments are not small ones, they're all marked at 40-50% EACH. 
Looking on the brighter side, Key Ceremony is on 20th June! omgawwwhh, so looking forward to receiving my Key from the school, which marks a new beginning as an Alumni of the school, a semi-graduation!

Oh wells, just 5-6 weeks more and i'll be done with school. DONE WITH STUDYING!!!!!! Let's all do our best and leave with no regrets :)


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