Saturday, April 27, 2013

A week's worth. back to school // party // birthdays

Hello wello! its the start of a new term in school, but its also the last term for me in sydney. boohoo. I thought i'd be super bored during school term cus its only school every day, butttttt im so wrong! my school term is in fact more entertaining and happening than my term break! how is this possible?!!! 
Anyway, the above mentioned was the perfect excuse as to why i couldn't update my blog for a week long. but, here's a week's worth of entry, brace yourself! :)

Last Friday, was party at Shanghai night! I met Eugiene for dinner at darling harbour and we only intended to do dinner and that's it. havent met the dude for way tooooo long, since our last encounter last year at korean restaurant. hmmmz, i shall not remind him too much of that embarrassing episode. LOL! so yeah,  after dinner, ting joined us for some drinks before we went partying. we headed to Watershed at Darling Harbour and i think it was there that got eugiene into the mood to go party. LOL! we each had 6 shots there to start off the night, and the bottle of wine from the dinner earlier. :D

My man eugiene!

my favourite thai girl :)

& we evn went up to the DJ booth to dance cus it was eugiene's friends. lol. i had no idea ting took this photo secretly....

Last Sunday was captains ball training at UNSW since the weather wasn't favourable on saturday. i really like playing capt ball with my UNSW team. teeeeeeeheeee! Had dinner with josh after capt ball. Went to a korean restaurant that I always go. I even interviewed this restaurant for one of my project last term. haha, yes its Milliore! 

Since it was a cold night, both of us had soup dishes. & not forgetting the soju we had! it was josh's first time having soju!!!!! and we had 3 bottles that night. poor boy, first time having soju and probably dreading it already. :X

With that, it officially marks the end of my term break.


Monday comes and a brand new term starts for me. time to put on those suits and sleek hair. i will miss the carefree days during my term break. my feet is going to get all sore again from wearing heels everydayyyyy to school. but one good thing is that winter is approaching, and its probably more bearable to wear my suit on the streets now :) and not under the blistering hot sun during summer days. 

First selfie of the term :D

With the start of school term, it also means meeting friends who've just finished placement, so its always good to be reunited with them again. and of course, new friends from other terms. :) 
headed to yimin's place after class for some slackkkkkk time since i was so bored. haha!

We had an unfortunate class that day cus the tutor wasn't here and all of us weren't told about it, so everyone blindly came for class....... got briefed about our assignments by the lecturer and left. Since kerry ann took 1 hour to travel to city, she decided not to waste the trip and we went to N2 for some gelato. lol!

and having getting out of bed to go school for nothing, i decided not to waste my day away so i went for my boxing class at the gym and stayed on to work out afterwards. spent a good 2 hours in the gym

Got home, had dinner, changed up and waited for shanying to arrive. Shannie kindly invited me to watch Ironman with SSA that night since she had an extra ticket. yaaaaaaaaaay! it was Ironman premiere that midnight and boy was the cinema packeddddd! everyone was like glued to the frozen coke machine and we only got raspberry out of it -.- 
but anyway, the movie was superb! kristal complained that i laugh so loudly in the theatres. hurrrrrr. Movie ended at 230am and shan's 11 friends were super sweet to walk me back to my house area before i rushed them off to cab back to school. *super touched*


was supposed to meet shan for brunch but our timetables didn't quite match so we decided to do it another day. BUT, her class ended early and she came to city for dimsum. Since i was awake already, decided to meet the girls (shan, kristal and peckying) for coffee before my class started. Went to Aera coffee place near my school for some classic coffee and salt & pepper squid. yums!

with shannie and kristal!

After class ended, i headed back home to change up and met Krish for dinner and party night out at the other side of sydney. Since i haven't been across the bridge before, Krish brought me to Milsons Point for awesome night viewing.

Dont you agree my photos are so instagram/postcard worthy? hahaha *shameless* We headed off to max brenner for some chocolate marathon. ohmygosh, i was like drunkkkkk on chocolate afterwards. never ever want to eat so much chocolate again. Went over to The Ranch for party with Krish's macquarie uni mates. the door stamp was "I Love Hump" and it was humongous! i was trying soooo hard to get rid of it since i had to play capt ball the next day....

since it was the public holiday, our last captains ball training was held at 2pm. I was clearly off form during that training, probably still groggy from the night before :/

 finished off training at 430, got home showered changed and met my mates at 540pm, and off we went to The Argyle for anzac day celebration. i swear im the fastest person ever to get changed. took me only 1 hour to get my ass home and out again all dressed up. ITS A FEAT!

Since it was Anzac Day, it was a day filled with uniforms. everywhere we go, we could see people with like military badges on their suits, or they were dressed in their military uniforms. pretty cool! we headed to The Argyle cus it was quite happening (all thanks to my sourcing skills) and it was super packed!

On the 25th, not only was it Anzac Day, it was my dad and dork's bday!

Here's to my dearest dorcas; HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!!
I know this isn't the most glamorous photo that i have of us (back in 2007), but having best friends who don't judge nor mind you for who you are, this is what we are. Thank you for always being the creative, thoughtful and cheery person in our clique, always surprising us with little things that you do. From 2004 till today, we have still been close. It is the kind of friendship that you will never have to doubt. No matter where we are, or what we do, we will always be there for each other. 
I hope you're having a good time in SG, and hopefully no fattyassses disturb you in the office. 

and finally, here's to my daddy; HAPPY 54TH BIRTHDAY!!!! 
This was taken on the day of my poly graduation in 2011. I know that bro has graduated longgggg ago, and you wish for me to graduate from a university as well, which is going to happen very soon! Thank you for tolerating all my nonsense, my bad tempers, my princess ways etc for 22 years. Thank you for providing for me unconditionally. I will not let you down :) 

Stay tuned for more updates coming up! Good luck to all of us playing IVG tomorrow. lets bring back the defending champion title once again!  I should head off to bed now so that i'll be able to wake up early in the morning for the competition tmr. G'night everyone :)