Four ate Five // Obaltan Korean Restaurant

by - April 17, 2013

Day 3 of my second week of term break.

I had a delightful brunch date with dearest Shanying at Surry Hills after she finished class for the day. Mel previously told me about four ate five cafe at Surry Hills and we were supposed to try it out, until she decided to ditch me for her commerce conference. TSK! but anyway, i had the chance to explore it with Shan! 

Its a pretty small yet decent sized cafe, perpetually PACKED all the time. We came at 2pm, and the place (indoors & outdoors) was packed with people. Fortunately, there was still 2 seatings available on the large table for sharing and we sat across strangers for our brunch. but it wasn't that bad, we were just in our own world, snapping photos like how every single asian would. hah.
p.s. my photos don't do this cafe justice, the decorations are pretty sweet :)

The menu was absolutely delicious, we had a hard time choosing what we wanted, okay shan had a harder time than i did. hah! I chose a poached free-range chicken w mango chutney, aioli, salad, avocado, bacon. It isn't exactly as you see on the menu here cus they changed it  slightly. So the ingredients are what i recall from tasting. hahaha! I must it is a refreshing taste. I dont usually go for avocado but i think it goes pretty well with the combination 

ohyes, if you happen to dine at this cafe, do give their fruit juices a go. they're rather big portions and they've got interesting refreshing tastes. I had the orange pineapple and passionfruit juice and it was uhhhmaazzzzingggg! 

485 Crown Street, Surry Hills
Price: $10-$18

After satisfying our stomach, we took a stroll down Crown Street in a bid to discover more cafes for future dine ins. We came across Kurtosh, this rather spacious bakery. It's got a whole range of cakes and bread in the display but i think the unique selling bread is this roll right here. the way its being made is just so captivating! These cute curly wirly bread are being sold at a range of $7.90-$9.90, depending on the topping you choose. They've got pistachio, cinnamon, nutella etc. 

Since we were still super bloated from our meal earlier on, we decided to give the bread a skip. But, we'll be back again next week! :) 
As we walked on down, i was telling shan about this bookstore cafe that mel mentioned to me before and coincidentally, the cafe opposite us looked quite like it. So we crossed the road and lo and behold, it was the bookstore cafe! HAHA! its a really cool and nerdy place. you can purchase drinks downstairs then head up for a wide selection of books to browse through while you sip your latte. Managed to snap a few photos before they close for the day. This, shall be our next cafe hideout place :)

 We were so engrossed in walking about and finding cafes that we eventually walked back to the city. Since i had an hour to spare before my next appointment, we had some gelato and went shopppping! 
our Y=mx+c gelato of the day consists of elderflower and lime sorbet. yummiliciously sour; perfect for our taste buds! 

Dinner time came and shan left to return back to unsw and i headed off to Obaltan for dinner. Its been awhile since i last saw youngmin, ting and dave, so dinner was planned tonight :) being a korean, i think youngmin kinda phaaaaailllll in barbecuing pork. hurhurhur.  & dave will always be dave.. first thing he did was to take my phone, take a selfie and put it as my wallpaper. AS USUAL. 
drinking with ting and dave always make them recall the days we had up in mountains, when i made them my wonder tasting (strong) spirit which made them hate drinking with me so much. hahaha, ahhhh i missed y'allllllll! Anzac Day, we shall have another round of nasty strong tasting spirits & beers! :D 

Dear Dave (i know u're reading this), i am soooo looking forward to that day and u'll prolly end up w a boat on your bed, and you on the floor again. CAN'T WAIT! 

363A Pitt Street, Sydney
Price: $12-$30

& to end off today's post, here's my favourite photo from the photoshoot that i did a few days ago. Have a great week guyzzzz!  


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