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by - April 15, 2013

Day 1 of second week of term break; BORING
I never knew I'd be so bored during term break, maybe because majority of my friends are having exams/submissions/mid sems across the major unis in sydney, whereas i am the only one having a friggin term break. oh wells, i guess i have all the time to myself *(pun intended)

I've actually been to UNSW more frequently these days, i guess for reasons that are beyond my control. Oh, and i'm playing for UNSW's captains ball team for the upcoming IVG on 28th April. Oh yay! I do miss playing in a team sport, and well, since there's an opportunity that came knocking, i seized it! i had my first training on Saturday at the campus's physics lawn(??) and coincidentally, Shanying was there! I knew shan way back in TP days when I was the main committee member in sports club and she was my junior. Never would i think that i'd actually meet her in sydney, at a ball game! :)  It was a good session, i was kinda worried in the beginning cus i didn't know anyone at the training session, but i must say i enjoyed it. haha. 
I BE-FRIENDED THE GIRLS! first step taken! :D Definitely looking forward to next week's training and the competition the week after. I  heard captains ball is going to held at Usyd's aquatic centre whereas the rest of the games are going to be held elsewere??? if it is, do come down to usyd and support! :)

Recently, or rather yesterday, i had my photoshoot . It was a really breezy process working with Johny Jordan. Although he is kind of starting out, but his photos are amazing. He's a really comfortable person to work with, made sure that you're well taken care of (even provided drinks at the shoot), got lots of poses and photos (up to 400 during that 3hrs shoot) to choose from. Even so, right from the beginning, we communicated through email/MM and it was a constant communication of wardrobe ideas, poses, possible images to shoot etc. It was a well thought out process that made the shoot so enjoyable. I had fun during the 3hrs shoot, even though the weather was unbearable! Here are some photos that Johny had kindly processed just a day after the shoot. ENJOY! 

Thank you Johny for the wonderful shoot. Hope to work with you in the future again :)

And as for the rest of my holidays, well, they're still quite unplanned for. I've only got brunch date w shan, dinner date w uni mates, gym gym gym, captains ball trng on sat. and a few more unconfirmed dinners/lunches. Oh, and a modelling promo job in ... May.  daaaamn, still too far away. 

Guess i'll just hit the gym more often. :>
Till then!


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