Friday, April 12, 2013

Its a Jolly jolly 2 weeks :)

Tis' the season to be jolly!

No, its not christmas, but its my 2 weeks term break baybehhhh! I've waited for this day to arrive for wayyyyy too long! First it was projects and assignments craze, the week after that followed so closely was finals! and boy am i glad to be done with my subjects for this term! time to take a break, and look forth to FINAL TERM in 2 weeks time! 

Geez, thinking about it, time REALLY flies! in 3 more months, it would mark my 2nd year anniversary with Sydney. hahaahaha! I came here since July 2011 and it has been a wonderful journey so far. So many beautiful friendships forged, and friends that i will never be thankful enough for :)

So, what am i doing during my term break? Nope, im not travelling interstate, I'm just bumming around.  getting the rest i dearly need (aka waking up past noon everyday), going out with friends, painting nails (i know, super girly stuff), baking, and not forgetting my best friend; alcohol at drinking sessions and parties!
 I guess this 2 weeks will be a relaxer for me since i study SOOOO HARD in school and mind you, we have classes every single day monday to friday 10am-4pm. We've gotten our time table for next term, but our tutorial groups ain't out yet, so we still can't determine the exact time for our timetable

Guess it'll still be another hectic term next term. But looking on the bright side, its my LAST term to go and i'll officially be done with all my studying!!!! only placement to go and i'll graduate! 
I guess since i'll be more free during this holiday, i should update my blog more often too! :) i'll update next on my more recent activities that i had. The next upcoming activity that i have would be having it going to UNSW for EGM later, Dinner at Shangrila tomorrow, and photoshoot on sunday. it's gonna be an exciting week ahead :) 

Stay tuned!