Sokyo x Monochrome Night x Rock Lily

by - March 30, 2013


Having being in sydney for close to two years, i think this is one of the rare times i actually dined out at a nice restaurant. Sam and Amy asked me out for dinner at Sokyo restaurant, which is located at The Star Casino. its a japanese restaurant, really nice chill cool setting. Since amy and i had zumba gym class before dinner, we were starving! 

this is how the place looks like. i didn't take any photos that day cus i've only got my handy (but lousy at photos) iphone and it doesn't take flattering photos. :/

Warm Sake! not chilled, but warm! how nice

Sam, myself, Amy :)

Went back after dinner since Marquee was closed, and I had to do my assignment that was to be handed up the next day. Till our next lunch/tea/dinner/drinks date!

Monochrome Night 2013

The very next day (which was two days ago) i handed in my very last assignment! three cheers everyone! that marks the end of assignments for this term! although it calls for a celebration, its not the time to have a big wild party cus my end of term exams are on next friday. yes, poor us, while everyone's having easter holiday, i am studying for my end of term exams. so, dont complain to me about boring easter break yeah! i'll break your neck. haha, jokes. 

So, as a form of celebration, i attended UNSW & USYD SSA's end of term party; Monochrome 2013! Yes, im not a student or UNSW nor USYD, i am proud to be a student of Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School. but nonetheless, i went for the party, well partly because i am still a freaking singaporean (SSA stands for Singapore Students Association) and i've got dearest friends from UNSW who promoted this party to me. hahaha! well, you see, being in an international school, you dont get many friends who are from the same country as you. in fact, i've got more indonesian/korean/hongkong/swedish/scanadavian/australian friends than singaporean friends in my school. 
doesn't hurt to know more singaporeans yeah (though i know my whopping 2.9k friends in singapore is quite cool enough). HAHA. 

So, a bunch of us had pre drinks at Ethan & Ruiyang's place first before heading to the club. and when we arrived at the club, some of the boys were quite high and couldn't stand straight. lol. anw,it was a good night, and i had 16 shots in total for the whole night. cool, and i wasn't drunk a bit, and still standing sober at the end of the night. not too bad i guess!
enough talk, photos of the event now!

Ethan! my TP mate since 4 years ago :)

Ethan, myself, Glen, and Joshua



Vrinda! :)

what i realized after the party was that, SINGAPORE IS REALLY DAMN SMALL!!!!

Incident #1
during pre-drink, i made friends with glen and he asked if i was jasmine chye, some model in sg. and i was like yeaaaaaah. haha, before i actually got to know someone, he already knew who i was. but anyway, glen was kelwin and laurent's close friends. and well, kelwin & laurent and i go wayyy back in secondary school.

Incident #2
Jarrold Ong (my friend) tagged Daryl in one of my photos and he exclaimed how on earth did i know Jaryl. haha, truth was i only got to know Jaryl that night during pre drinks and at the club, but Jarrold and him go way backkkkkk. 

Incident #3
Hl Ong (my friend) tagged Norman in one of my photos and though none of them exchanged words with me, i was told to remove the tag. lolllllll. anyway, bottom line was yet another of my friend knows the person that i JUST got to know during that night. 

Incident #4
I saw SHANYING WONG in the photos at the party that nigh. goshhhh, how small can the world get! i didn't know shanying came to sydney to study. She's my Sportsclub junior and last thing i knew, she was still in TP. hahaha, and now, she's in UNSW. 
& everything else. haha!
Rock Lily

On friday, i had an impromptu drinking session with two mates. Coincidentally, Fredy is from UNSW as well! but its his second degree this time round, so he isn't technically a new student though he's in his second year now. hahaha! So anyway, we initially planned to go Zeta Bar at Hilton but it was closed, cus of public holiday! so we ended up at Rock Lily at The Star Casino. yes, its my second time again at The Star this week, and i ain't even working there!! but anyway since everywhere else was closed, we figured this would probably be our last resort that is opened.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Thats all for my update today. Heading to the Royal Easter Show tomorrow with my dear Amy, gotta get some sleep now. Hope y'all had a great Easter Day collecting chocolate bunnies! :>


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