by - March 12, 2013

Its been so long since I've been out in the field doing events and shoots. Well, i guess that's because i'm kinda still foreign to the australian industry. not that i'm very professional or what, but its just something that i do out of pure interest/hobby. :)

I am extremely pleased to be part of this photoshoot held last Sunday at Somersby Waterfall, Central Coast by the chinese photography club. The shoot was actually scheduled 3 weeks ago but due to unfavourable weather, it was postponed to 2 days ago. YY, the chairman of the organization picked myself, Amy and Deepsy up at Town Hall and we proceeded on with the hour and half journey to our destination. It was wonderful having meeting my new girls, we could click rightaway, and they were really nice people :)

Myself, deep and amy 
After out pitstop, we finally arrived at the waterfalls, only to find out another model has already started shooting and there were a HUGEEEEEE group of about 50 photographers. woah. 

Break time for the girls; Amber, myself and deep

After 4 hours of shooting in the water under the sun, it was a wrap! good job everyone, i had a great time. Met really nice photographers, made new friends, and yeah, it was a good experience overall. 
Amy and I are even planning on visiting her gym for class and we're going out for dinner this friday with her friends. i love this angel, she's so sweet. Did i mention she's doing commerce LAW in UniSyd? haha, she's my cool nerdy friend :>

Im so excited to see more photos of that shoot; there were a couple of really nice ones. Stay tuned for more! 
Here's a teaser for you guys. 
Have a great week ahead! Projects all the wayyyyy >:(


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