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by - March 08, 2013

If you guys may have noticed, I've recently started to post photos of homecooked food, or healthy choice of food (e.g. oatmeal with fruits as breakfast) on my instagram (chhyyee). Why is that so? Well, as part of my new year resolution, i've set an on-going goal for myself to start being health conscious. As I get older year by year, I start to become more conscious of what I consume. I don't want to die young or be crippled with diseases or illness at a young age, I have dreams to fulfill! haha, so apart from eating healthily, I've recently enrolled myself in a gym. Many of you might say why waste the money. Personally, I feel that if you've got the outdoors to use, don't waste money on gym membership.
But, its hard for my to run around my estate as it's in the city and kinda weird to do that when people around you are in suits and just giving you "the stare". So, i've gotten myself a decent priced gym membership, which consists of the usage of facilities 7 days a week, and also 10 sessions of boxing class.

Oh yeahhhh!

BOXING class. 
So how does this gym works? Let me bring you through briefly (fyi, im not paid to advertise for the gym, but well, why not share good things?)
Firstly, the gym is humongous with lots of varieties and plenty of new equipment for you to use. It kind of looks like how the pictures below show....

Besides these general equipment, there's 3 special corners which has set equipment placed and a instruction card on how to do the circuits. So basically at the 3 QUICKIE corners, namely Express, Circuit and Cycle, you have to follow a sequence according to the equipment set in place, and each station will take you 60 seconds. once the timer is up, you move on to the next station. 

Quickie Cycle

Quickie Express

Quickie Circuit
Apart from these gym facilities that you can use, there's also a boxmaster class that you can pay a little extra for, which is what i'm doing right now. So the boxing class is not your typical boxing bag and you punching your way out. its more of getting boxing techniques and the different styles of boxing, and mainly to help you get your body toned all round. 
I've always wanted to try boxing. So when i got the chance to get a gym membership together with boxing class, i took it up. I had my first complimentary lesson on Thursday, and boy was I exhausted! the next came about with me feeling all sore, from head to toe, even my butt cheeks hurt! I guess that's the kind of exercise I would look forward to. And i'll be going back tomorrow for some quickie circuits :)


Today, i had a really in-depth consultation with an immigration agent about my choices of visa to continue staying in Aus upon graduation. So here's the deal, its gonna be quite informative, especially for hotel students.


  • Started school in July 2011
  • Course: Bachelor of Business in Hotel and Resort Management (2.5 years)
  • Course Completion: Dec 2013
  • Student Visa Expiry: March 2014  (which is graduation ceremony as well)
If an international student wishes to stay on in Australia upon graduating from a university, there are a couple of ways to do so. 
1) Apply for Graduation Visa (485), which can also be called Temporary Resident (TR)
Conditions: If you're a hospitality student, you MUST graduate before 31 Dec 2012 to apply. Application must be lodged within 6 months upon graduation. Anyone graduating AFTER 31 Dec 2012 is not applicable as Hospitality has been taken off the list of skilled occupation.
I am only graduating in Dec 2013, so this does not apply to me anymore.

2) Apply for a Working visa
Conditions: your FIRST student working visa must be lodged AFTER 5 Nov 2011, then you will be eligible to apply for a 2 year working visa upon gradution.
I got my student working visa in July 2011, therefore i am not an eligible applicant

3) Get Company Sponsorship
Conditions: Big hotel chains will only sponsor you, if you're of a Senior Management position. You can opt for small hotels as well, however, they MUST NOT incur any loss throughout their entire business history.
I am not a senior manager, and it is even harder to begin with finding a hotel that will release their financial background to you if you've only been with them for a few months.... Therefore, this is out too.

4) Apply for Working Holiday Visa
Conditions: To lodge this visa, you must be in your home country before you can lodge this visa to come australia and work while "holidaying". 
I am not eligible to apply for this, because SINGAPORE is not on the list...... -.-

Conditions: Hospitality has to be back on the list before anyone with bachelors in hospitality can apply for PR. If it gets back on the list in the future (say 2 years down the road), you will need to score 60 points. Here's a breakdown of the points for my situation: 
25 points for being under 25years old, 15 points for holding a Bachelors, 5 points for having 2years of studies, 20 points for IELTS score of 8 points. which will add up to 65 points.
However, Hospitality is still not on the list, so if i wanna apply for PR, i have to wait until it gets back on then try my luck in applying. 


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hurhurhur. whyyyyy must the migration law change all the time?!?!?!!!!! and my batch, July 2011, its the most unfortunate batch whereby it was a "transitional period". Before my batch, there was Graduate visa. After my batch, there is Working Visa. 

Im super depressed now. Well, I actually have another option after graduating in Australia... Which is to go to USA and work for 1 year. However, the odds are quite low cus getting a visa to work in USA for 12 months cost $3,000. And that's not inclusive of your flight, other taxes, accommodation, fees to pay (usually up to $600 or more)

So that's something I have to think about thoroughly, if i want to stay overseas again or return back home, to humid and overcrowded Singapore....
Any thoughts, anyone? please tell me what you think I should do! All of your help is greatly appreciated.
Have a great weekend everybodehhhh! 


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