Singapore holidays

by - February 16, 2014

Chinese New Year, Saint Valentine have passed by with a blink of an eye. I hope everyone had a good festive celebration!  I am once again at the crossroads of my preparation to leave back to Australia and also last minute meetups or stocking up my necessities. It has been 1 month since i stepped onto home ground soil, and 9 days later, i'd be back at down under. Time really flies when you're enjoying; it just seemed that enjoyment never lasts. Nonetheless, it's the memories that one should keep etched and carry on with daily life. 

It has been a great holiday back home, well honestly speaking every holiday back home is a good one. But this time round, its the best holiday I ever had back home. Some of you may know about the absolute thunder-deafening subject I am holding close; that's for you to know and for others to find out :)

Anyway, deepest apologies for not updating this space, my days are super hectic. Sorry to all the friends that i've failed to meet up with, I am sure there will be a next time. This post is dedicated to all my friends! 
Thank you for keeping in contact with me, thank you for not abandoning me, thank you for being so earnest in meeting up, thank you for all the good times spent. & lastly, to my family members; thank you for being the bestest family out there!
Some photos of my meetups, not all of them are here, as some are still stuck in my phone's photo album or on my facebook. I love alllll of y'all! Till we meet again, next year :)

I will be heading back to Sydney on 25th Feb (it's a midnight flight,so technically its 24th midnight), and will be attending my graduation ceremony on 28th feb. 
Any friends who are in Sydney on 28th feb and would not mind spending 2 hours of their time looking at black gowned international students with mortar on their heads and queuing up to go on stage for that split glorious second, please, feel free to come down to St Andrew's Cathedral, Town Hall, 2pm. Don't forget the flowers! hiakhiak :>

After my graduation ceremony, I will be travelling around the outbacks with my family and returning back to Cairns on 10th March. Yes, i will be back in Cairns to start my full time job (if the visa goes through successfully). Will update soooooooon on the status! 
Till then, take care everyone! Seeyou on the flip side!


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