Girls day out at Batam cable ski

by - April 21, 2014

Zoom zoom zooooom! Anyone here fancy wakeboarding or cable ski? *waves frantically* 
Actually, im not really a big fan of cable ski, but i do it because its kind of similar to wakeboarding, and its cheaper! But, one thing i don't fancy about cable ski is the initial sudden pull that lifts you off the starting seat and into the water. Most beginners/semi advanced aka faceplant experts will find this hard to grasp as it takes practice to get it right all the time. Or else, you can just experience 9 out of 10 times faceplanting. heh, well, they say practice makes perfect right? 

Batam cable ski has a promo whereby LADIES (put your hands up) get to enjoy the full day ski pass for only SGD$60 (instead of the usual $108). It includes the ferry (&taxes! very important), land transfer, lunch and full equipment (life jacket, helmet, easy up board and boards with bindings).
It is super super worth it as compared to Sg's ecp ski 360. I think it costs around $40/hr for a normal adult? BCP only charges $60 for the entire day!!! Alright, lets rock n rolllll!

If you've got your own board, remember to bring your board cover along for check in so you won't be charged an extra fee for "odd sized item". If you've got detachable bindings and you don't mind, Long (contact person) will help you to unscrew your bindings and you can check the board in (w/o the bindings) at no charge. Yes i know it sounds really weird, its a really weird rule but yeah, that's all for saving $10! enough for 2 beers! hahaa!


After checking in, we had a comfy 1hr boat ride to batam with quite little passengers on board. Welllll, there were a few "monks" who kept staring at us on the ferry, and even talked to us in a super creepy way asking us about our plans, where we're from etc. *shrugggggggs*
Once we arrived there, a guy from BCP greeted us and directed us to the bus! It is advertised on their website that the ski park is about 2min away from the ferry terminal (Sekupang) but in actual fact, it is WAY LONGER than 2 min. It took us approx 20min to get to the ski park? Perhaps, they missed out the 0 on their website. 

Once you get there, you'll probably spread out to sit at the many sofa seats available. One of the staff members will come around asking you for your choice of lunch. So on the menu there will be quite a few choices of food, BUT, the catch with the package thats inclusive in the lunch is that it is only worth $5. In other words, if you want to get something else that is more than $5, you'll have to fork out the remaining. Lucky for us, we wanted something that was within the $5 range! No one wanted to start riding first, soooo we went out to camwhore. HAHA!  

It was so difficult trying to remember how to launch off properly. But actually once you're off, everything falls in place naturally. I think i'd still stick to wakeboarding, behind a speed boat. 

At about 12 noon, the staff will inform you of a last ride. After which they will close the cables for lunch break. Everyone will have to take a lunch break and rest those sore muscles. Trust me, you'll need the rest to go on later in the day. hahaha! 

Lunch looks really gooooood! and it tasted awesome as well! 3 of us had beer to go with our food but juju wasn't a big fan of beer, sooo she went for peach tea. i think it cost like 3 bucks for a bottle of beer?  soooo cheap, as compared to SG! After lunch, we goofed around a little more before getting back to the cables. Oh, we made friends too! I quite forgot their names, but i do know that they were from SMU and NTU, and now working in the investment banking line? hahahaha! They were contemplating whether to join in for the hour pass after looking at all of us ride for the past hour. They did give in eventually, but gave up after 40min of riding (trying to)..

We finished our cable at 330pm since we were planning on going into the city center for some massage and dinner! Andri came to look for us at the cable ski park, waited for us to get ready and chauffeured us (with our two boards) to the city center! Thanks Andri for everything, i'll hit you up again the next time when we're there!

Thanks to BMIHMS for bringing different nationalities together in school. hahaa!
And the "pimp" of the day...

Happy us off for our well deserved massage and scrumptious dinner!

Poor Andri was helping us ring up the ferry company at Batam Centre to book our ferry back for us while we girls camwhored away. LOL! so much for being helpful. haha! But, we treated him to dinner! We had heaps of food on the table, but most of them were spicy so I skipped quite a few of it. Yes, i'm a wimp, i don't take spicy food.... Total amounted to about SGD$30 which we found quite reasonable considering we had lots of "expensive" dishes. 

Great day spent with my ladies; our first ever trip together "overseas" as a whole. HAHAA! Next time, we gotta venture out further. Well, jess & juju do have plans to take their diving license, so by then we can all go diving together!! Homggggg, all the travel planning is flooding to my head. So excited to travel with my girlies. 

Till then!


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