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by - May 05, 2014

Hohoho! What a rare occasion where i'm home, sitting down in front of my computer, not rushing to go elsewhere. Time to update this little space! 

So what have I been up to ever since I'm back? Truth is, nothing much. I've been bumming around heaps! Oh hang on, that's not entirely true! I've been doing some events recently actually! Back to my good ol' modelling days, just that i'm 3 years older than before. These days when I do events I find myself looking at my own reflections. Reflections of my past where the girls are merely 19 going 20, out doing events and here I am, 23 years old and working alongside with them. It does make me feel a tad old, but I guess so long as I get job, I wouldn't mind it that much. 
I hope my events/shoots jobs keep rollllllin' in. 

Some photos of the recent events i've done....

Worked with dearest Makiyo and Jesslyn for our Lancaster Activation/Promo at Sephora ION. Weeks of going back to ION has made me a little sick of that outlet whenever I pass by it. But, im sure i'll be back in no time to purchase all thy beauty products!~ 

And KPO Chivas event recently on a Wednesday with thy lovelies. Worked with elizabeth on the second floor of KPO and boy am I glad to have her company that night. Throbbing pain in our newly bought heels, handling annoying peoplezzzzz. 

Another upcoming event i'll be involved in is the Fashion Show happening at Zouk on 17 May. Yes, I'm sooooo excited to be walking for the fashion show, alongside with others (of course). It's been some time since I last walked the runway. The last time was probably in Australia, where I walked the fashion showcase for Melbourne Cup (Sydney Luncheon). Hehe, so yes I'll be at Zouk on 17 May, and apparently it is Phuture's 18th Anniversary that same day! I guess i'll be partying my night away! Too bad the fashion show is strictly by invites only, if not y'all could come! But I guess i'll see everyone else at the party after the fashion show! :D


Now, for some foooooooooooood! 
Having heard so many people raving about Grub, and the instagram photos of it, I had to pay it a visit too. Actually, I was meant to visit Grub with Jianhuang on Saturday for brunch but the queue was horrendously long. 13 customers infront of us, 8 of which were tables of 2 pax. We decided to ditch the idea and walk on to the next park to visit Canopy Cafe

The chance to visit Grub surfaced the very next day! I had a casting at AMK area and since Grub was just around the corner (not literally), I decided to pay it a visit right on the dot at 5.30pm.
Yes, Grub only opens for dinner from 530-1030pm everyday, with the exception of brunch hours (9am-4pm) on Sat, Sun and PH.
Grub doesn't take reservations, walk in only. My advice is to BE EARLY, like on the dot! We arrived at 5pm and there were patrons looking to queue up. Shortly after there was a queue at 520pm, and we joined in too. Luckily we got a table inside the cafe where we were at the mercy of aircon. I'm guessing they cater outdoor seatings to larger groups as the tables were obviously bigger on the outside. 

Open concept dessert making table top (?) . Im guessing so..

Seatings were quite limited, approximately 12 tables inside and 8 large tables outside? The entire cafe was full at 540pm. Had we stepped in 10 min after it opened, we would have to wait for the first customer to gorge down their meal and leave. yikes! :O

We are seriously beer buddies. Our first dish of the night was beeeeer! Hey, but my beer was surprisingly good! Berry notes, very strong of it. perfect for girls who don't like the stench of after beer in their mouth. well, its only 3.5% in alcohol and tastes like Ribena... Tim's drink was of orange and lychee notes, but mine still reigns over! 
Dinner was served rather quick! but because the menu was typically "Fast food", it is not surprising that it was served rather quickly. Plus point for them, since other cafes with similar menu choices took their time to serve me on other occasions... 

 We had the portabello mushroom for starters, not that I like it but Tim was hungry.. Not a big fan of mushroom to be honest... 

Tim had the Double cheeseburger, with bacon and an ugly pickle sitting on the top ($18). Okay, the pickle is quite a cute touch, but i hate pickles thus the biased comment. According to him, his burger was good, until the end where it started to taste salty..... He's a "Masterchef" at heart, so i guess his verdict is quite reliant. 

And i had the chilli cheese hot dog, which costs $12 .I didn't know that it was served with chips at the side (fries i mean), good surprise for my tummy! It was alright, not too bad but the chilli was a teeeeeny weeeeeny bit spicy for me. FYI, i am a total pussy when it comes to chilli. 
I C-A-N-N-O-T take spicy food. 

My verdict on this cafe:
  1. I think it is QUITE value for money, considering my chilli dog cost 12. But i have no idea why the total bill was like 70 bucks. Maybe with the beer, starters and service charge it did amount to that. haha.
  2. Be early! To stand under extreme humidity and queue for a worthy seat on the inside
  3. Don't expect fanciful dishes on the menu.  
I will return again, next time.

510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 (Bishan Park)


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