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by - June 06, 2014

Aloha! The month of may has been nothing but blessings all the way. Managed to work quite a fair bit nearly every week, especially for Kronenbourg and Somersby. Kronenbourg is having a series of office invasion where they bring the party to various offices, supplying the drinks (kronenbourg of course), party platters (mainly cheeses, snacks) , beer pong game, caricature drawings and a french band every week. So far, i've done 4 weekly office invasions with Kronenbourg and all of them are very reputable companies. Truly enjoyed myself working with the Calrsberg team (kron and somersby is owned by Carlsberg btw) and the various models on different days. Two thumbs up! 

Btw, the above photos are only for Trip Advisor's office invasion. The rest of the photos are pretty much the same..  

except this really awesomeee photo i requested with the CEO of Scoot. 

Mr Campbell and us

Also, i had a mini getaway trip with my family on Mother's Day to Malacca. We haven't travelled properly as a family ever since i left for aussie nearly 3 years together. Now that im back in SG, i guess we can look forward to our annual xmas overseas trio? :D

Apparently we took a photo here when we were kids, so my dad insisted on a "all grown up" photo..

my bro and i attempted to relieve the memories, but alas we remembered the wrong pose! it was my dad who was holding my hands back then, not my bro.... now we look freaking stupid. 

Happy Mother's Day mummy!

Visited Jonker street at night, it pretty much looked like china town. Nothing much actually, just tons of cheap electronics and typical street side stalls with pirated shirts etc..

Mom then joined us for a drinking session at our hotel's bar. i've got a hippie mum. 

Oh yes, this chicken rice stall is TO DIE FOR. okay maybe not exactly to die for, but its really good! can't really remember the address but apparently its super famous! stepped into the restaurant and was immediately greeted with large wall posters of news articles, interview reports etc. 

Check out the chicken rice balls! aren't they adorable? Initially, i thought they were fishballs......

On 17th May, I was really happy to be able to walk the fashion show for Blue Print held at Zouk. I was decked in Pauline Ning's designs and Skechers wedges. I swear they are the most comfy pair of wedges i've ever worn in my entire life! 
All of us reported in the afternoon for the rehearsals but it took really long so some of us went to nap on the marble benches of zouk. LOL. then suddenly, time seemed to fly back so quickly! we were ushered to do our hair and makeup. Abby and my hair were the most intricate, don't judge it as a simple pony tail. mind you, we had a part of a garden hose hidden inside the pony tail to make it stand..... my hair was pulled so far back i could feel it coming off. then the tube was taped with different colours and some of it was even taped to our hair. OUCH! it definitely hurt like a bitch when we got it off....... 

But nonetheless, i love the girls that i got to know on the day!!! 

my segment girls; ashely, vivian, myself and abby

ANDDDDDD, ITS A WRAP!!! yes, those guys behind us had their hair sprayed bright yellow and faces lined with thick black liner. poor fellas, they couldn't stay on to party... 

After party with my dearest friends !!! thank you guys & girls for coming down to support meeeeeeeee! I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves <3 p="">

June is fast approaching, and i've got more things to share with you guys. but that's it for today, gotta get ready for my wedding dinner in the evening (no im not getting married, its my cousin's). I'll be blogging next about my Maldives trip as i know many of you guys have been asking me about my trip, budgeting, diving, accommodation etc. Fret not, i will do up a post to talk about everything. feel free to drop me an email or fb message if you wanna know more. 

Last but not least, yours truly is now a finalist in the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant. heh heh, dont know how i managed to get selected but yeah! stay tuned! 


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