Sponsored: Ikeda Spa Workshop

by - July 20, 2014

Have your ever wondered what skin type you are. or "self-diagnose" yourself based on what you see on the outside?  

I've always thought my skin was the Oily type and that I should wash my face very often. I never thought of anything else cause it didn't seem possible and I was convinced that my self-diagnosis was right since it's true that my face oils up easily. 

All thanks to Cherie, we got sponsored by Ikeda Spa to attend their workshop and also to experience their signature facial and hydrotherapy (onsen) session. It was such an exciting piece of news for the 5 of us to be invited to such a prestigious place to grace their event. 

Ikeda Spa is Singapore's first and leading luxury Japanese day spa!!

They've got 2 outlets; one at Bukit Timah which boosts a comfy spa garden and the other at Clarke Quay which is branded as a luxury prestige spa. Ikeda Spa has been awarded countless awards; ranging from Best Day Spa in the Crystals Awards Asia Pacific, Wellness Favourite Day Spa by Women's Choice Award etc etc.

During the workshop, we learnt more about cleansing, toning, maintanence etc. My favourite part of the workshop was the DIY mask! Our lovely trainer showed us how we can make our own masks with minimal cost!

After attending the Japanese Beauty Workshop by Ikeda Spa, it changed my view on how i see my skin. I was told my the trainer that i had combination skin. She had a look at my face and immediately diagnosed my skin type. Such great experience!!! 

Did you know even tofu can be used to make good masks! Call me slow or what, but i always thought tofu was for ..... eating. haha!  

You have seen the traditional way of japanese's beauty secrets, now as we advance through the years with technology, its time to explore more High-tech solutions. Refa Carat by MTG is one of the best selling beauty products in Japan, highly raved by many users and won many awards for being the best product not only in terms of usage, but for the designs and usability.

Check out one of their products; the Refa Body! Isn't it such a cool product? 

This, is the Refa Carat. They've even got a solar panel which triggers the micro-current to work on your body parts. I would love to try this product out myself one day to see if it really works wonders like how many have raved about it!

After the workshop, Mr Eric Tan, director of Ikeda Spa, kindly brought us to tour around the spa. They've got a communal bath which is the first in Singapore and it is enough to house perhaps 5 ladies inside for a little spa party! New party venue which is healthy and different from the norm

There's also 2 couple room which has its own tea table and seats and a private bath! If only i didn't forget my camera, this lousy iphone photo definitely doesn't do this place justice. Everything looks really fantastic and grand in the day spa, I wouldn't mind dropping by for their services during my lunch break! hahaha!

Although it was a short 2 hour workshop, we definitely enjoyed ourselves. They were such a dear to provide sushi and champagne for all the attendees! Thank you for having us over to grace your event!

I even brought home a box of brands bird nest as a consolation prize from the lucky draw! Thank you for the gift!!!

The handsome director of Ikeda Spa and a handful of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant finalists

and of course, how can i give up the chance of grabbing a solo photo with him! hahaa

Really good 2 hours spent, looking forward to more visits in the future.
Will talk more about the spa in the future once i've experienced their services. Stay tuned!
Now, its time for bed! Beauty sleep is most important to having a beautiful face. 


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