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Journey of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2014

Time really flies when you're having fun, and also when you're busy up your ass! It's been nearly 2 months since i last blogged. I feel ever so guilty for giving excuses and not blogging since i hardly use my laptop/computer after coming home from work. Yikes! Deepest apologies everyone!

First and most important update; I AM EMPLOYED!!! for as long as i didn't blog. haha! Yes, i'm being extremely serious here. Because i've been busy with my full time job, i hardly get the time to pen my thoughts down on a daily/weekly/fortnightly basis. The one and only thought on my mind is "Please let me get to work on time...." haha, jokes aside, i am seriously working, with a hotel in Singapore, doing sales and marketing :) For those who were aware of my situation in Australia, i am no longer heading back to Aussie. I gave that great opportunity up, in search of a career closer to home. I definitely miss all my mates in Aussie, and hopefully in the future, if time and opportunity presents itself, I might take it up and return back to Australia. You never know what's coming next for you. 

Second update is that.... I am a finalist in Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2014 ! Really thankful for the opportunity to be one of the finalist in this pageant. Thank you organizers and members of public for having so much faith in me! I will definitely do my best, and even if i don't bag any titles home, i know i have given my all and truly enjoyed myself in the journey.

I would like to thank all the wonderful and generous sponsors for making this pageant possible. From all our activities, to our outfit and well being, big thank you from me to you guys! I'm sure all of you are curious as to know about our journey being a finalist of a beauty pageant. Well, all i can say is that it involves hard work, determination and very good time management. We not just look pretty on showcase day, but we actually do work hard behind the scenes to attend various visitations, take time out to consume sponsor products, do lots of photoshoots (plenty!), talent showcase etc! Phew, ever since i got into being a finalist, my weekends and some weekday evenings are perpetually burnt for pageant duties. Let's take a walk back a month ago and relive the memories of my journey so far. 

Every pageant comes with a makeover, and we are proudly sponsored by Makeover Inc for our life changing photos. 

3 August

"Giving back to society"
We have so much around us, yet we tend to take it for granted. Our eyes for example, is a blessing from God. Living without sight is like living in fear, surrounded by darkness 24/7 and dependent on others to go on with your daily life.

This day, we were put to the test; to survive a few hours being temporarily blind. The idea honestly scared me a little, as I have always been wary of the dark. I feel insecure, alone and sometimes abandoned without my sense of sight.
Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped has been appointed as our official charity organization for MSBP 2014 and i must say, being part of this charity work has opened my eyes up to see another world in a different light. Our families and friends were treated to a session of dining in complete darkness. A handful of us were selected to experience serving in complete darkness for our loved ones. I invited a table of 14 friends and family members to join me in this exotic dining experience, which got me very excited thinking what if i accidentally spill something on them etc.

The remaining pageant girls who were not involved in the dark serving had massage services to offer for our patrons on that day. These girls learnt the techniques of guasha, acupuncture points and tested their massage skills out on members of  public and beauty queens who came down to support the event. 


First round of dining in the dark started from 12 noon for the past Queens and sponsors. I am guessing they overrun their session, resulting in us having a cray cray time turning over the tables for the next seating. But i must say their session was so much noisier than our own friends & family. I guess everyone knew each other, and being in a foreign environment brings everyone a tad closer to each other. My group were singing "Let it go" during their lunch session! hahahaa!

After running back and forth the kitchen, we managed to turn over our room tables. Grace and i were partners for the Blue Room and it was the biggest of all  rooms. Partly because we had the most number of guests ourselves, and we served them on our own!

SK was our helper that day and she is absolutely wonderful! She lost her sight when she was a teenager and has managed to go about daily routines without much difficulty. In fact, Grace and I were the two lost sheep in this gigantic (tiny) room. oh yes, space does seem to amplify when its dark. We felt like we were walking from one end of a soccer field to the other, when the actual dimension of the room was probably  1.5 times of your bedroom. 

It was truly an eye opening experience for us as we dealt with uncertainties, some frustrations and miscommunication between our guests and ourselves. But overall, it was a wonderful experience for everyone. No one got hot coffee or food spill on them, so that's a relief!

Would like to thank SAVH for giving us such a great opportunity to experience the life of being visually handicapped. Of course in a very fast track way; their lives most certainly do not revolve around serving food in a dark controlled environment.

And a group photo to end the day!

If you would like to try out the dining in the dark sessions, fret not, they still hold dining sessions on a regular basis! Hop onto their website SAVH (Dining In The Dark) and make a reservation for your loved ones now! All proceeds go to charity and it helps them go a long way. 

11- 13 August

Day 1

"Good things come to those who wait (& work hard for)"
Big thank you to our dearest organizers from ERM who managed to secure an overseas photoshoot sponsorship just for our pageant this year. As heard, the beauty pageants within the company have not been sponsored for the longest time ever, so we were really lucky to be sponsored by Nongsa Point MarinaTuri Beach Resort and Batam Fast to have our first ever overseas photoshoot at Batam! Okay, fine even though batam is an hour boat's ride away from Singapore, it still required the use of our passports right?

Thus the excitement from the girls when we were told that we're going on a vacation!!!!

Since Nongsa is the furthest point from Singapore, unlike Waterfront City (where i frequently go cable ski at), all of us had to meet really early at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. In order to make it for this trip, I had to take 2 days unpaid leave just to attend Day 1 and half of Day 2, just enough to take the first session of photoshoot and be done with. The entire group stayed till 13th August, whereas 4 of us headed back on 12th afternoon.

Nonetheless, all the jitter bugs in us made us really excited for photos, even though we weren't looking exactly glamorous in the early morning (all thanks to beauty apps for making us look normal).

1 hour later, we've arrived in Indonesia!!! We were ferried over to the resort by the resort's shuttle, and everyone was treated to a welcome drink upon arrival. :)

Everything was settled for us and we were hurried off to do our hair and make up since we didn't have much time left. Half the time, the girls were trying to connect to the wifi and using their phones away, or snapping selfiesssssss.

Am totally in love with myself after the hair and make up was done. I look ....... completely different.
Grabbed lunch at the awesome buffet spread and  off to the shoot! The 4 of us who had to leave early the next day were given priority to do our individual photoshoot first. It was our official bikini photoshoot, swimwear proudly sponsored by Inner Desire

Grace hard at work at werrrrrkkkking the poses away
My little girl and I camwhoring away while waiting for our turn to shoot. She's only 17 (turning 18 soon)!!!

and yes, that's me melting away under the scorching sun

Jiayu on set!
Time seemed to fly by really quickly! In a blink of an eye, it was lunch time and soon after, it was nearly sunset! We were then rushed to the marina for a group photo. Since i brought my gopro along, we decided to have some selfie funnnn!

Anddddddd, that is a wrap! End of day 1 photoshoots! 

So, being in a foreign place, with foreign currency on hand, who can resist a glass or two of alcohol. The girls and I went on to hit the bar after showering and changing into fresh clothes for the night. Okay fine i lied, it wasn't one glass, it was a few rounds whichhhhh, i couldn't remember the exact number for. 

The night ended on a high (panicking) mood cus Jazliyana accidentally sliced her foot on a sharp edge. Poor girl, she was bleeding non stop and there wasn't many people around who was of help (mainly us the panicking girls). There wasn't a first aid kit available at the reception but they offered to send jaz to the clinic. Since it was quite late at night, we decided to try stop the blood and bandage it up and wait for morning to come. I have no idea why i ended up being tasked to stop the blood, perhaps i had the bandage in my hands. The funny thing was that..... i am extremely afraid of blood. Yesssss, my legs turn wobbly at the sight of blood oozing out from a wound. Actually thinking about it now my legs are turning a little jelly. haha!

Good thing, we managed to get it suppressed and we all went back to swimming + drinking. Siya was trying really hard to get Cherie in the water cus she probably took (not literally) 5 hrs to get in. It was such a hilarious night, Cherie was all red from the alcohol, siya and i had to help finish her drinks in the end. Next time we should all really head down to shots bar together.

Headed back to our chalet (65A) with Sareeta after Jiayu & Grace left first. These two girlies are so adorable! They were camping out in the room downstairs, not wanting to go up cause it was quite scary to be alone (mind you, it was 7th month during then). When Sareeta and I finally came home, the two of them were like "yayyyy you're home!" felt like we were parents to these girls. haha! The chalet was really cosy; living room, kitchenette, guestroom on the first floor and a master bedroom on the 2nd floor. After we showered and changed, we even had the energy to play card games. even went out for a short midnight stroll. *wink* heh heh heh, im sure cherie had a busy time wondering who were the wandering people outside.

All in all, it was a good night out, everyone got to bond with each other a step closer :) We even had a group chat named after our chalet, 65A!


Day 2

Day 2 of the photoshoot started in the early morning. All of us checked out in the morning, headed down for a superb buffet spread. Their keropok is to die for, so good that everyone keeps going for seconds.... even though we were "trying" to watch our figure for the shoot. haha!

Beautiful day, great day to start the shoot!

Check out Siya's lion head! never knew her hair could turn into this!! 

While the rest of the girls were getting their make up done for the photoshoot, the girls of 65A went for a dip in the pool, and some goofballs time. heh! we had practically nothing to do, except one last group shoot and our hotel transfer to the ferry terminal at 3pm. 

Thank God for the invention of GoPro cameras, which allowed us to have so much fun on our own. hahaha! #totalselfentertainment

Jazliyana looking totally hawwwwttttt

Soon, it was time for us to bid farewell to Nongsa Point Beach Resort while the rest moved off to Turi Beach Resort for their next round of photoshoot, leaving us alone to head back to the ferry terminal. Good thing we had each other, or we'll be completely clueless. haha!

It was a great experience to be doing an overseas photoshoot, facing all the challenges and overcoming it. Big thank you to everyone who put in so much effort to make this happen. Oh yes, whoever that's planning a trip down to Nongsa Point Beach Resort, i would advise you to bring along insect repellent. Trust me, the mozzies are nasty! Oh, and happy hour starts from 6pm-9pm, get your drinks starting at SGD3!!!!!!
(p.s. i feel like im doing an alcohol promo. lol)

17 August

It was nearly a week after we came back from our photoshoot at Batam. Without much time to rest our tired souls, we were up again for another sponsor shoot. This time, we were feeding the mozzies once again, at Fort Canning Park.

 Bagcharmlove is our official casual wear sponsor for MSBP 2014 and we cannot be more delighted to receive their oh-so-flattering dresses with excited arms!!! We were all fitted with a piece from their collection,  and everyone got changed into them excitedly.

 I got a corporate looking dress, that rests nicely at my knee length, which is PERFECT for work! Due to the field of my work, I gotta wear dresses/skirts that are slightly longer, so that i'd look more "professional". not that im a personal fan of, but i gotta adhere to the rules by my organization. The dress that was gifted to me by our lovely sponsor is sooooo fitting! Super happy with my dress! :D

It was a rather breezy shoot i must say, not taking more than 10 min per person. I hope we did take away some techniques from our Batam photoshoot which made the photoshoot this time round so efficient. hurhurhur. 

And that's yours truly!

Follow their instagram (@bagcharmlove) and website (Bagcharmlove)  for more gorgeous pieces!!! I'm soooo in love with them all!

23 August

Guess what are we shooting today??
*drumrolllllllllllll... *


i have never done a photo shoot before that involves bikes, so when we got the news that we'll be doing this photoshoot, i was soooo soooo soooo excited!! y'know how those fashion models look so effortlessly sexy, rugged and has a very haughty aura? That, my friend, is by all means a feat to achieve!!

It is an honor to be sponsored by Motoworld SG and Yamaha bikes for this super cool photoshoot!  We were all decked out in brand new Komine apparels from head to toe, and even given a helmet as props! Boy i tell you are these pants hard to wear! They are special pants for motorbiking as they had very thick paddings on the kneecap, pelvic area and butt. I guess its all to prevent those speed/pro bikers from grazing themselves when they compete. It was REALLY tough to get it up, everyone was helping each other to pull the pants.

Our photoshoot was split into two sessions; 9am-2pm, and 1pm-5pm. Idk why but i felt that it was a wise choice to go for the afternoon session. I think the girls got pretty scorched during the first session. The location was at some obscure place in Tuas that is only accessible by car, 15 min drive from the train station. I swear this is the most ulu place of singapore i've ever ever stepped into. 
And because it was at a wide field with little plants around, everyone was literally melting under the sun!!

Of course this isn't the official photo, but look at that sexy matte bike! Although i dont drive, nor do i bike, i think the bikes we had that day were extremely sexxxaaayyeeee!

Even the helmets looked so cool (and expensive)! We were warned against dropping them. hahahaha! It was such a fun experience!!!!! Even though 3/4 of our make up came off, and we were struggling with the poses and the facial expressions, it was such an one-of-a-kind experience for all of us!!

Check out the video below for snippets of our photoshooooooot! 

27 August
"To have a good 1 min on stage, it takes 1 year of of effort in exchange"

This sentence is very true for all of us who appear on stage. We put in so much effort in the background, only to exchange for that few scarce moments on stage. But it is also that few scarce moments that we feel that our efforts are worth it.

We had our preview at One Altitude on the 27th August. During the weekend before that week, we all had to take time off to head down for rehearsals at the venue, just to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the event day itself.

I must say, One Altitude has the prettiest view in Singapore.
Picture yourself sipping on a glass of cocktail, overlooking the skyline of Singapore at night, how serene does that feel?

On the event day itself, there were actually more members of the public as compared to our friends who came down to support. Perhaps because the age limit to enter One Altitude is limited to 21 yrs for ladies and 25 yrs for the gentleman. 

Thanks Tracy & Bennett for coming down to support me!!!! And to the 2 extra members of public who kindly stuck stickers on for me. LOL! 


Phew, this is one super long post that took me a few days to draft out! For the entire week, i've been going for rehearsals straight after work and only returning back home at 10ish/11pm.

My next post will be dedicated to pre-judging (which has already passed), my awesome personal sponsors and of course, my grand finals that is soon to come.

In the meantime, if you haven't voted for me online, pleaseeeeeee pass the word around to help like my photo!
1) Like Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant facebook page (click on the link, it will bring you to the page directly)
2) Like my photo!!!!! Jasmine Chye (Contestant 13)

The online voting will close on 19th September, so do remember to get your friends, family members, pets facebook account, grandparents, aliens to vote for me!

Grand Finals for our pageant is happening this coming Sunday, 21 September! Wish me luck!!!!

Till then, take care!



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