Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2014- Pre-Judging Day!

by - October 01, 2014

Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant has come to an end, but it doesn't mark the end of my journey. I will be doing another dedicated post after this to highlight the grand finals, which i'm sure all of you are interested to read about. 

Find out about our back stage moments, feelings, experience and photos. COMING SOON!! 

But first, let me write about our pre-judging, which is probably the most nerve (brain) wrecking part of the entire journey. You must be wondering, why is it the most nerve wrecking part when it's only the pre-judging? That's because....... pre-judging is where the highest percentage of marks come from. Our community service accounts for 35%, Pre-judging accounts for 50% and the remaining 15% comes from the grand finals. Pre-judging is where we face an hour long of "interview" from all our sponsors/past queens. 

This year, we were tasked to take control over our own gowns, hair and make up. These were always provided for in the past pageants, which caused some unhappiness amongst the finalists. As the gowns, hair & makeup were sponsored, the finalists were not able to choose what they wanted, but instead accept what they are given. Some of them felt that the gown didn't fit them, or the make up/hair didn't suit them. 

Actually, i secretly wished that we had sponsored gowns and makeup again this year for pre-judging as i always thought that it was a very difficult task to find our own sponsors. I am very extremely lucky to be sponsored by Bridal Concept for my pre-judging gown, all thanks to Grace's effort. Grace knows one of the employees, Sally, at Bridal Concept, and they have kindly extended their sponsorship to the 4 of us, namely Sabrina, Graceiux, Cherie and myself. Their bridal shop is conveniently located at Liang Seah street, just opposite bugis junction, and boy is it huge!! The shop itself is 3 storeys high, first floor for clients to choose their done wedding shoot photos, enquiries, separate fitting area with a wide selection of gowns, 2nd floor is filled with more gowns and also suits for the gentleman, more fitting rooms as well, 3rd floor is a small studio set up where couples can shoot their studio shots here. Sally and Tiffany were really patient with us as we choose our gowns for the first time. Tiffany was really sweet to bring out different designs over and over again for Grace and myself to choose. Their gowns are all so intricately designed, making it hard for me to come to a conclusion.

Set my eyes on these two gorgeous gowns but i ultimately chose the turquoise coloured one as it sort of represented me. It was a mermaid cut, turquoise in colour, so much like me as a water baby :D

Sally, Grace, Myself and Tiffany
So happy with my pick, grew so in love with my gown! Sally arranged for another fitting session for us 2 days before our pre-judging after she has sent the gowns for alteration to fit us snugly. 

Alteration was done all-good, and we picked up the gowns after work that day. We even had accessories to match with our gowns! so much love for it!

Thank you Bridal Concept for sponsoring us the pretty gowns!

Hair & Make up
I was actually quite worried for my hair & make up as the sponsor i got had urgent matters to attend to, therefore i was left with only a few days to find a sponsor. Thankfully, my plea on facebook caught the eyes of Bendy , who gave me several contacts for MUA sponsors. Thank you Bendyyyy, you're my life saviour! (P.s. I still want to do that wedding shoot) I'm so lucky that Karis Chu from The Little Brush Makeup agreed to do my hair and makeup for my pre-judging.

The Little Brush Makeup is managed by 2 amazing ladies; Jovie and Karis who're so professional at their job!
Visit their website (The Little Brush Makeup) for more wedding packages/services! They do offer functions make up as well, affordable range from $130-$180 /pax inclusive of falsies, eyebrow trimming and transportation! 
On the day of the event, I arrived bright and early at their little home studio to start the preparation.  I was quite excited to see the outcome of how i would look after getting dolled up. Honestly, i am quite terrible at makeup or even doing my own hair. Ask any of my friends, and im sure they'll tell you im hopeless at makeup. haha! I'm not afraid to say that, but i don't really put on make up. 

Karis was soooo gentle and sweet! I felt that my face was in good hands when she started dolling me up. All my imperfections, flaws, spots were covered up and i look as good as new! 

I must really recommend these ladies for their makeup services! I look so different after having make up on me. Some even commented that i look of a different nationality after the transition. hahahaha! 

Mad love the big curls that Karis gave me!!!!!! My hair is quite stubborn, it doesn't hold anything. If i were to curl my hair, the curls would completely disappear in 1hr's time, leaving me with a head of messy just-got-out-of-bed hair. hurrrrrrrrrrr. 
So glad that Karis managed to get my hair to stay put before the pre-judging was over. haha!

With the lovely Karis from The Little Brush Makeup!
Thank God my uncle was in the area and he fetched me down to Amara Hotel, where our pre-judging was held.  if not i wouldn't know how am i going to manage carrying the heavy gown in my all made-up face , trying to flag a cab frantically. HAHA! 
Got to Amara Hotel, crashed Siya's hotel room since she booked it the night before. butttt something tragic happened, so the room was put to waste. LOL! got changed in the room, together with grace and farah andddddd we did what we were best at doing; camwhoring!

So so so mad in love with my hair and make up!!!!! They make me look so different, and perhaps elegant! so grateful to Karis for her wonderful work!!!! :D

After checking out of the room, we headed down to the holding function room where we had time to rest, touch up and wait for our turns. 

Check out the mermaid tail of my gown!!!!

Besides my turquoise mermaid gown, Bridal Concept also sponsored 3 other finalists for their pre-judging gown. Check out their amazinggggggggg gowns!

and that's siya!


and here goes nothing! Time to begin our hour long of interviews with the panel of judges!

After the evening gown section and interview was over, we changed into our bikini wear to parade in the pre-judging room. Bikini is proudly sponsored by Inner Desire

the one who calls everyone BRO -cherieeeeeeee szeeee!
After the entire segment was over, our day has come to an end!!!!! Finallllllyyyyyyyy! It was such a long day for us. 

Guess what????! I got awarded 2nd Runner Up for Best Evening Gown, which was judged based on the overall look the finalist- from head to toe. So happy to be able to clinch this subsidiary award :)
The Winner for Best Evening Gown is Sabrina, who was wearing the green cheongsam designed by Bridal Concept's lady boss! (refer to photo above). Congrats!! And also to Luisa who came in 2nd place for her own gorgeous gown :) 

Pre-judging was nerve wrecking, but it also gave us an opportunity to practice our platform in front of the judges. 
Without the help of my sponsors, ERM management, i would not be able to get to where I am today. Thank you both my sponsors (The Little Brush Makeup & Bridal Concept) for dolling me up and dressing me to your best ability, allowing me to have the honor of winning this. 

16A & B Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189037
Tel: 6333 9411 / 6837 2030

82 Tiong Poh Road
Tel: 65 9112 0466 (Jovie)


Stay tuned for my next post on the GRAND FINALS of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2014.
I know the news is out, it was already on newspaper, but here's a teaser photo for you to come back again... To read about the behind-the-scenes of our big day. 

Stay Tuned!!


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