A Closure Yet A New Beginning; Grand Finals of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2014

by - October 22, 2014

Hellooooooo everyoneeee!!

It has been exactly ONE MONTH since Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant ended, and yes it has been a fruitful and eventful journey so far. I have never expected myself to join pageants as I never had the confidence to join one. Yes, I've participated in competitions before, but none of them are of such big scale.

My life has always been all about sports and outdoor activities. I remember the feeling when I'm about to compete for my biathlon races, that butterflies-in-my-tummy feeling, setting my mind straight in swimming and running my best, the end goal that I would want to see. 

If you set your mind to do something, you will see the fruits of your labour

After a few competitions, I finally clinched my first podium position for NUS Biathlon in 2011.


I recall my most significant pageant-like competition was the Roxy Short Shorts Competition held at Wavehouse Sentosa in 2011 where I won the overall title.

Shortly after, I moved to Australia for the next 3 years to pursue my studies.

I returned back to Singapore early this April to start my career and settle down here. In late June, I went forth for the interview for Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant and surprisingly, I managed to make it to the Top 20!!! Getting into the finals was good enough for me, winning a title has been the most honorable blessing I had this year. Honestly, the journey has been tough on me. Having just started a full time job, i had to give my all at my job, and at the same time, commit to pageant duties. Most of the finalists were students, some were working adults but they had considerable flexibility at work, unlike a newbie like myself. I was unable to come for the Flash Mob trainings, and also the Flash Mob itself as I had travel plans and was caught up with work. Looking at the ladies strutting their stuff, having lots of fun along Orchard Road, it does make me feel a little left out. Subsequently, I managed to allocate time to contribute to back to society by volunteering at Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped for our charity session.

Watch the below video for the snippets of our Dine In The Dark experience!! It was pitch black, but with the night vision camera, it looks so bright! But trust me, we could not see a single thing at all....

Big thank you to my friends and family members who came down to support me in the Dine In The Dark session. All thanks to the awesome people who supported me, I managed to clinch the title of Community Service Queen 2014, my first award of the evening.

We started our day bright and bare faced at 9am in the morning, 21st September,  at Amara Hotel. Had the final run of our rehearsals, this time with the stage. We have been having rehearsals for the entire week from 7-9pm, just to get our positioning and dance moves and poses right. Rafael was a tough artist director but it was all for the good of our show.

No pain, no gain right?

Evening time came way too soon! We were about to head up stage for our first segment!! Excited faces, camwhoring with our perfect hair and makeup, trying to calm our nerves down...

Our first segment was a slow enchanting posey kind of walk. It required lots of coordination as there were 4 different groups of girls doing slightly varied poses/actions. We were dressed in bagcharmlove dresses, and accesories by Jewel De Belle. After our last snaking formation (yes, it was termed as a snake since it was criss-crossing all over) was over, we had to present ourselves to the public; A formal introduction of ourselves.

After all that posing/dancing, we had to do a short self introduction.

Almost immediately after, we had to change for our next segment; Hodaka Motoworld. Imagine all the chaos backstage when we had to hunt for our package and frantically change within that precious minute or so. The Motoworld team were so helpful to us in assisting us to fit into the jeans, check our jackets, even pack our clothes neatly in a bag for us to locate it easily.

Show's up!
It was so different having to pose with helmets and look cool but glamorous at the same time. haha! But i'm sure we all did our best!

And it was a short break time for us as we go through transition from Motor chicks to Sexy bikini chicks. :X

Belly dance performance was up next by our Flash Mob instructor and her entourage of dancers (including Sumini, our Mrs Classic Singapore!)

Though it seemed like we had a good 10 min or so to change, it was CHAOS at backstage!!! The jeans were really tight and difficult to pull off, jackets were sturdy, helmets were SO PRECIOUS we had to be careful not to scratch it. When changing into our bikini, we had to do a double take on ourselves in the mirror to ensure that everything's well........ (if you get what I mean.. hurhur)

Next up; Bikini round! Bikini is sponsored by Inner Desire, the same swimwear who has sponsored us since the beginning of this journey, when we went to Batam for our official swimwear photoshoot. We were given a different set of bikini this time round, where everyone wore the same :)

For this segment, we had to choreograph our own sets of 4 counts of 8.  Honestly speaking, for those who know me, I have two left foot. I cannot dance for Christ sake! Hence, dancing was always a chore for me, I was always the awkward penguin out of everyone, and I take a longer time to grasp the steps. Eventually when I did, everyone was getting comfy and swishing around gracefully.

But it was a good experience. My dance team consisted of Tammy, Luisa, Siya and Jiayu (Based on our contestant numbers) and I am so ever grateful towards them for always spending a little more time on me, going through the steps with me, how to make it easier for me to dance. Even though all of them were dancers themselves (or at least have some dance background), they didn't forsake me. hahaha!


After our bikini segment, it was yet another round of rest time for us, but not for 3 talented ladies. Previously, we had a talent showcase held at Lee Wei Song School of Music where we performed our talents to the judges. I wasn't quite prepared as I was busy with work (yes I know it might not be a perfect excuse) and I had to memorize the Chinese lyrics (which I am not good at)... As a result, I wasn't selected to be in the top 3. However, these 3 ladies were!

 Luisa, who did a belly dance cum hula hoop performance. Boy this girl is strong! Don't judge her by her skinny frame, she has such a strong core, and she is able to WALK and DANCE around with a hula hoop still on. omggawwhh *inserts emoticon*

Gladys , who choreographs her own dance, did an act mixed with whacking and old school hip hop (??? I hope I got that part right, pls don't kill me if I don't). I think if I were to do whacking, my arms would flip all over the place and look distorted. So impressed with her dance, im sure you'll do well in NUS dance group:)

Lastly, tammy, who did a graceful contemp dance, mixed with hip hop ?? (See, I was right when I said I cannot dance, I don't even know what's it called...) So graceful, and smooth transitioning. Makes you feel like you're watching swan lake. Also another gem to NUS dance group! 
P.S. I can't seem to find any photos of tammy's dance item, so just picture this chio face doing a graceful dance.
And tammy won the Best Talent!!! Congrats! And also to Luisa and Gladys for being in top 3!

And, the final segment is here!!!!!!!!!!! Our evening gown walk. Gowns are sponsored by Dolce2Dolce. It's funny how when I first got to know that dolce2dolce is our official gown sponsor and we had to head down to the shop for fitting. Their shop was strategically located at level 2 of The Plaza, just right behind Parkroyal Beach Road. After exiting the lift, turn right and you'll see Dolce2dolce shop. turn left, and you'll see PPHG central reservation office. HAHA! This was sooooo hilarious to me. Can't believe that the two things that revolve around me in life are side by side.
FYI, I am working under PPHG, Pan Pacific Hotel Groups. hahaha, which was funny cause I was heading to the central sales team on level 3 to pass some documents to them, and just nice I arranged for my fitting to be on that day, during my lunch hour. how funny! working and going for fitting at the same time...

ho ho ho. life sometimes....

Anyway, I chose a Tiffany Blue gown for my grand finals :)

 After parading on stage, the Top 8 (or rather 9..) was called upon to step forth. This moment, I swear, is exactly how I feel when I'm about to start my race. That butterflies-in-my-tummy sensation, sweating palms, nervous face, anxious mind; it was such a crazy emotion! One by one, the contestant numbers were called forth and the line for top 9 was getting longer and longer. By the 8th person, I was thinking oh my, there's just 1 spot left and there are still a few potential finalists that I had short listed in my mind.
"... and last but not least, contestant #13!"
Oh, that's me?!!!!! OHMYYYGAWWWWDDDDDD.

*beams widely*

holyyyy molyyyy!
Then we had to present our platform in front of the judges and also to pick a question out of the 10. Q&A segment is always the toughest of all as you wouldn't be 100% prepared. Even though we had ample time  to prepare for the 10 possible questions before hand, but when you're on stage, doing a lucky draw for your chosen question, every answer just runs through your mind and gets tangled up. hahaha. Luckily I remembered my answer well for my chosen question as it was related to healthy lifestyle, and I do exercise quite a fair bit. *phewwwwww*

We had a short break in between and came back up on stage for the coronation.

There were 6 crowns to be given out that night .
2nd Runner up, 1st Runner up, Miss Singapore All Nations, Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen, Miss Singapore Chinatown and Miss Singapore Tourism Queen International

The reigning Queens were present on stage to crown us as we take over as the next year's reigning Queen. I'm sure they had mixed feelings crowning us as they were just in our exact spot a year ago, and now they've grown in their own ways. I'm sure we will feel the same next year when we too crown our successor.

2nd runner up goes to Felicia!!

1st Runner up goes to Gladys!!

Miss Singapore All Nation 2014 goes to Siya!!

Miss Singapore Chinatown goes to Tammy!!
Miss Singapore Tourism Queen International goes to Luisa!!

And here's me being slightly biased. ... hurhur, don't mind my narcissistic moments, once in a lifetime y'know!!

And to myself, Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen 2014!!

Totally totally totallyyyy did not expect myself to win the title!!! It was such an emotional dayyyyy for me! I am at loss for words, but thank you ERM, judges, sponsors, everyone else who made this happen.

Thank you for believing in me, in my capabilities, in my virtue for bringing pride to the title, brand, company and nation. I will make you guys proud in my international pageant next year!!
Can't wait to embark on my International pageant journey!!! All excited to travel and see the beauties all over the world!!!!

Now, let me express my gratitude to my friends and loved ones for coming down to support me on my grand finals.

To my dearest #Marinelifecreatures clique (Diana and Steph not in photo), thanks for being great sports and coming down to support me despite your busy work schedules. Constantly snapping photos and screaming your lungs out for me, thanks for that! I love how we are all divers now, perhaps all thanks to me for influencing you guys to pursue diving. Now, we can explore plenty other dive sites together overseas and continue our diving adventures! You guys can also be part of my dive project!!!! teeeheee. (no excuses, no exception)

To my childhood playmate (Yiliang) and Bff (Glenda), introducing both of you together is the best decision I ever made in my life. We have walked so far in our lives, but we still remain tight. As the two of you begin your new lives as a married couple (almost, missing the wedding dinner, which I'm expecting soon), I will be here to give you all my blessings. Thank you for coming all the way from Jurong and to witness this exciting coronation with me. Although I may be busy with my life and everything else, I will not forget about you guys :)
To our 10 years+++ friendship and beyond!

To the two photographers of the night, thank you for being so enthusiastic in this pageant finals. Right from the start, getting tickets from me, payment, booklets etc. Sorry if i was snappy towards you guys or didn't reply, am very super busy at work and pageant rehearsals!
But nonetheless thanks for coming down to support and for all the wonderful photos :)

Last but not the least, thank you to my awesome kick-ass family! 
Sponsoring my expenses for this pageant, getting the props, being all enthusiastic for me throughout the journey. All the constant nagging to sleep early, bird nest in the early morning, tonic soup to maintain my complexion has been paid off. Thank you for being so caring towards me, knowing that I have to juggle work in the day, pageant stuff in the evening/weekends and blogging/doing publicity work at night/whenever i'm free.. Sorry for being cranky at times, but I still love all of you to the brim!!! I won't disappoint you guys! 


Moving forward, I would like to pledge my support to Project Aware Foundation.
2 days after the pageant concluded, we were featured on The New Paper (TNP) and we each gave our insights on the charity organization or cause that we feel for and would like to support.
As many of you guys know, sports runs in my blood; i have taken a heightened liking and passion for scuba diving during the past 2-3 years. It all started when i moved to Australia to pursue my studies, that was when i started my first scuba diving license. From then on, i went on to getting higher qualifications in diving and i grew mad in love with it. During one of my internships (or placements), i worked on an island resort off the coast of Cairns (Queensland) and i was sucked even deeper into diving. As we were located smack above the Great Barrier Reef, diving became a weekly activity for me. We even had a turtle rehabilitation centre on the island where we care for and nurse the sick turtles back to health before releasing them back to the ocean.

I know that Project AWARE Foundation is a group of scuba divers who help to clean up the ocean and also to protect sharks in peril. Since i feel deeply for this cause, i would like to start my support towards them. Having won the title, i hope i can convert it to good use and serve my hours to help out the cause that i have chosen.

However, I am still very new into this scene (am a super lost sheep here), if anyone has any knowledge or is able to help me out, please feel free to drop me an email at jasminechye@yahoo.com.sg

Apart from volunteering my hours to my platform, I am also actively searching for sponsorship. Still open to any forms of sponsors at the moment, clothes, makeup, products/services etc, please feel free to drop me an email! I will be creating a fb page for myself very soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, please feel free to approach me at any of the below social media sites

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chhyyee
Instagram: chhyyee
Ask FM: http://ask.fm/chhyyee
Email: jasminechye@yahoo.com.sg

Till then, take care everyone, keep the love going!


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