Jewel de Belle Prize Collection x Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2014

by - October 26, 2014

Now that the pageant is over, its a load off my chest. Back to work as usual for me since my international pageant is only next year, or whenever Angela/Alex decides to send me over. For now, i shall warm my seat. On the other hand, we're all excited to send Siya off tomorrow as she represents Singapore in Miss Globe at Albania!!! omgoshhhh, feeling so nervous for her! I hope my international pageant will come sooooonnnnn... So envious of them flying off one by one... 

On a side note, I recently went down to Jewel de Belle to collect my prize winnings! *gushes* so sweet of them to gift us each a necklace that's worth 4 digit!!! I was the last to collect my prize as I was constantly busy with work, unable to head down their store after work :/ 

Thank you for being such great sponsors for our Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant! and ever so sweet to provide us with our own personalized necklace!

Check out my 0.68 carat  White Gold Necklace!!!! 
So mad chio!!!!!!

Oh, and the other finalists photos are also displayed in their display cabinets! Since we wore their collection during the grand finals, we were all featured in their display cabinets! 

Here's myself in the display, and the real life me!!  hahaha

If you would like to check out more diamonds and precious ornaments, do head down to Jewel de Belle, located at Far East Plaza!

Jewel de Belle
14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza


Yesterday, we were invited down to attend the Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2014 held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall. 

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend"

Tell me who isn't a diamond lover? 
We were treated to a feast of dazzling pieces, andddddd, here's the best part; we were given several jewellery to wear and parade around!!!!!

All decked out in beautiful jewellery by Dejewel Galleria (Jewel de Belle is also a subsidiary of Dejewel Galleria)

After which, we began a slow walk/parade around the whole convention hall, with paparazzi snapping away as we slowly walked and flashed our charming smile. okay maybe the jewllery dazzled more than our smiles. hahaa! But we all felt like real royalty queens walking around, with bodyguards (well only because we were worth half a million, literally), and random jewel exhibitors and members of public asking for photos with the 4 of us. 

After our parade, we came back to the booth, anddddd, girls being girls, we started camwhoring away. wellll,  this is probably the only time we ever get to wear a 15k blingggggg  ring, or a 70k 3 carat diamond ring!!!!

These were my accessories for the day.. 
$15k ring, $17k bracelet, i forgot how much the earrings were, and the winning possession is this beautiful $56k statement necklace that was featured on the newspaper just the day before!!! So honored to be wearing these gorgeous beauties! If onlyyyyyy, i could take one home. haha! 

my dearest queen(holic) Siya. hahahaha!
With the owners and exhibitor of Dejewel Galleria (without Amanda)

And here's oneeeee more photo!!! Just can't stop admiring the dazzling bling! oh, check out the gown behind, filled with diamonds, worth $20k!!

*hint hint to my future husband*

Alright, signing off on a BRIGHT note! 
Till the next time :)


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