Post weekend

by - November 10, 2014

How's everyone doing on a Monday ? 

My day has been relatively alright... A little busy at work, but nothing much. Mondays are always a drag, it means catching up with 2 days worth of work in the office. Such a bore! Well oh well, lets not bore you guys with my lengthy Monday blues.

Despite dreading the start of a new week, i had a great weekend! Headed down to butter on saturday with my girlies whom i've not met for god knows how long

To think that going to butter on every wed, fri and sat used to be a norm for us; our weekly dosage of fun from a hectic school week. Yes, i used to frequent clubs during my poly days. boy oh boy, that's exactly how this clubbing clique of mine got so close knitted, missing out a few girls who missed attendance taking that night. 
I remember we used to say "Eh full attendance tonight ya" before we hit the club. haha, those days. I'm no longer the youthful child who could stay up late and down gallons.

Gone are those days, but the friendship stays. Even though we've moved on with our lives, we're still close as one. I would very much like to insert an old photo of the entire group of us, but they're too hideous to be seen......


Anyway, back to the story.. Butter is always a fun night with my homies around! Love love love having these boys around. Although they annoy me at times, but they're still really sweet :)

Oh, and did i mention i managed to be-friend an awesome Taiwan club manager that night? hahaha, meet Kai Yuan! My new found friend that night. Dj Lucky was the guest DJ that night, and Kai Yuan & his PR Manager were down at Butter as well, so since we were all at the VIP table, why not make some new friends? 

Last but not least, 

Happy Birthday to my butter kaki, sharrrrrrrrrrmaineeee!!

Thanks for always being there at Butter together with me, having all those cray cray nights. 
Love you babe! Hope your hangover on Sunday didn't kill you 


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