PPHG Dinner & Dance 2014

by - November 15, 2014

The Classic of the Classy

On 13th November, I attended my first ever Diner & Dance with my company, Pan Pacific Hotel Groups. It's always nice to see colleagues putting in the effort to dress according to the theme, which was Shanghai Night, besides wearing that boring white shirt, tie and black pants to work. 

Besides, a D&D would be so boring if everyone were to turn up in their norm outfits. Big kudos to the organizers who've put in so much effort in making this D&D a success! Without them, we wouldn't be enjoying our night in Shanghai. Big thank you for juggling work and all that committee meetings.

Let's bring the photos up! 
p.s. sorry if i didn't mention anyone here, i realized i have very limited photos of that night.... :(

The one we work so ever closely with at work, our Revenue Team. Who always gets disturbed by us (Sales Team), and/or quarrels with. haha. "Wilson! $140nett w 2 abf!", was what we were constantly saying to him at D&D.

The newest addition to the PRSKT family, our finance executive. Who would always sit down beside me to have a chat/gossip session while on her way to toilet...

*Inserts eileen's pretty white+blue dress photo*
Pity i didn't get to take a photo with eileen that night, so here's her favourite character for you
My little partner in the office. hehehe. The one who would rant to me whenever she walks to the toilet, and is my close little sister in my department. 

Loanshark of PRSKT. tsk tsk

The other brother apart from the above. My two boys who would religiously hit the gym (together with me), crack and laugh at stupid jokes (sometimes made by me), and getting down to adventure time with Sarah and myself (remember guys, wavehouse on 29th ya!)

And into the ballroom here we comeeeeee. I was unfortunately seated back facing the stage, no thanks to the finance boys/ladies who snatched up the better seats, so my eyes were constantly glued to the screen infront of me.

Who says we need food at D&D, just keep these coming and we'll be fine. hohoho.

Shaan & Ranjini & Diana (Not in photo);
My dearest group reservations of PRSKT. teehee, always treating me snacks in their little office, and welcoming me with open arms when i pop by in for a little chat. and talking cock with me. hahaha! 

Wilson Poon;
Who taught me to his best ability when I first got into the company, when i had no proper guidance anywhere at all. Now that he's moved on to greener pasture, all the best to you! This is probably the first and last time we will have a photo at a Pphg D&D.

After the D&D concluded, we went on to have our own after party at Club 5. When we stepped in, we realized that there were others who had already begun! Our GM and the other GMs of the other PR properties. hahaha now we know who are the true party goers. *just kidding*
Met the other sales team members of the parkroyal family, and I even discovered my poly junior who just started working at Pickering property! We will be working very much hand in hand in times to come, KahHui. Oh, and someone KO-ed at Club 5. dear oh dear, too much too much. But it was all fun times, good times drinking and dancing w everybodehhhh. 

My Sales Team (not in photo: Venelyn & Daniel);
My daily dosage of fun times, dirty talks, and anger management classes. 
Love you guysssssssss

Boy was i glad i took Friday off to lay in bed at home while everyone else crawled to work looking like zombies. sorry guys, just had to rub it in. hahaha. 
Good times everyone!

Till the next time!


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