Weekend superbs!

by - November 30, 2014

Hello hello!

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was really fulfilling, I had so much fun after the long working hours during the weekday.

22 November (Saturday)

I attended my cousin's wedding, and he was the second son in my aunt's family to get married this year, in a span of 3 months! This period must be a good year for people to get married! Both my cousins got married this year, my brother proposed this year, and he is getting married next year May! My oh my, i think its a hint, a sign to me that i might get hitched soon. muahahaha! I better watch out for my potential date *wink*

Anyway, so the lunch reception was held at Holiday Inn, coincidentally it was Andrew's new working place! Lunch was alright, the ballroom was a little disappointing (height wise) and omg don't even get me started on the service. But first, lets enjoy some photos, before i start my rant.

Every bride has a certain glow around her on her Big Day. 

And soon, it'll be xinni's turn! yay!

Oh and that's my brother in checkered green.

And my aunt who always has a photo with me during our family gathering.

So while we were at the wedding banquet, our table was served by a white bespectacled young looking banquet staff, which i'm guessing a part timer. She was all good untillll, her sleeves got hooked onto my glass and spilled red wine on the table while scooping the dish. Not only was my glass of red wine was spilled, a bowl of soup had my red wine in it. The worst part was that she wasnt apologetic at all, neither did she offer to replace the soup. My dad was nice enough to take it and not say a word.
Then, nearing the end of dinner, once again she dropped an entire plate of chicken bones onto my mom's dress, resulting in the plate hitting her hand too. This time she did apologize, which wasn't that bad. But still, after one mistake comes another, it definitely did not leave a good impression.

Very disappointing. 


Anyway, after the wedding at Holiday Inn, I went for the Sundown Music Festival at the F1 Pit Building. 

We had complimentary tickets to go since Parkroyal on Kitchener was the official hotel sponsor for this event and i invited andrew (the EX colleague) to come along as he wanted to watch the concert. 

As the artistes we wanted to catch were only performing later on in the night, we headed to Suntec for a movie first. There wasnt an overwhelming crowd, perhaps less than expected. But it was a good concert anyway! I caught my 2 favourite artistes in action; Olivia Ong and Shila Amzah. They were so amazing!!!! 

Cross Gene from Korea!!! *cute boys alert*

Such amazing vocals!! How i wish my vocals were half of theirs. lol.
Thanks for entertaining me that night andrew! :)

23 November (Sunday)

I had my first ever visit to River Safari! The only reason i went to river safari was because we had free passes! well, you see, our hotel has got a variety of benefits for associates under Parkroyal, and river safari pass happened to be one on the list! I had wanted to visit River Safari in the past, but didn't get an opportunity to. So now, here is my freeee visit!

River Safari is more or less similar to the Zoo, but it has got different varieties of animals/sea creatures etc. And of course, they've got the all famous Jia Jia & Kai Kai (pandas btw

 Besides viewing the animals behind the enclosures, they also have this river quest ride where you get to go on a little motorized boat ride along the free range enclosure. Inside this enclosure, the animals in there get to roam about freely and you can almost touch them! Except that there's a small canal separating the patrons and the animals, so nothing to worry about! This boat ride cost an additional $5 and you have to book your slot at the entrance counter. It was free for us though! heh heh

Awwwww look at the cute fluffy Pandaaaaaa. dont you want to carry a baby panda home?? hahaa

We finished the entire River Safari in 3 hours ? Didn't quite expect the whole journey to end so quickly. Now you know to plan after activities if you've set aside the entire day at River Safari. Oh yes, and pleaseeee drive there if you own a car, the cab queues are horrible! On a side note, there is public bus service over there, but they only go to Ang Mo Kio and Woodlands...

29 November (Saturday)
Yesterday, we had  a ball of our time at Wavehouse. It so happened to be wavehouse's 5th anniversary on the same day!! Since the boys & sarah has never tried flowriding/barrel before, I thought of bringing them there to try it out. It wasn't the perfect day to be at wavehouse cause it rained probably 1/2 the time when we were there, but it was still alright.

and thats sarah on her 2nd try at the flowrider!!! 

One of the activities were water park and hamster ball, which we totally made a fool out of ourselves doing so. Because that darn hamster ball was so hard to climb on to! Everytime we try to push ourselves onto the floating ball, it would just drift away and make it almost impossible to climb onto. 

Oh, and seabreeze at wavehouse has got this banana boat and donut activity which YOU HAVE TO TRY IT. it was hilarious!!! I have never been on the banana boat before, but i've always wanted to try it, it just looked so much fun! We finally got to try it and i think it was a bad idea for sarah and i to be seated at the front..... The water from the jet ski were constantly splashing in our faces, i felt like i was having a painful face massage!! It did feel a little like on the rodeo bull. hahhaha! Well, i fell off when it was turning, so much thrill! The donut wasn't any better, it was a sot round platform which the 4 of us held our lives on to. hahahha! Those who were at the corner fell off almost immediately when the jet ski sped up. The feeling of falling off a fast moving object is soooo, *indescribable*
One word. 


After all that head crashing and body wobbling, we headed back to wavehouse to continue our flowriding. We had another try at flowriding and we ultimately did the flowbarrel. The fun part about bringing new people to wavehouse is seeing them try at the rider/barrel, and falling down. hahaha, i dont know why but i find it super funny and exciting to see them fall. I must be the meanest person ever.

After 6 hours at Sentosa, thunderstorm, heavy downpours, theres finally a glimpse of sunshine! Cheers to awesome chicken wings and pork knuckle!

I still miss wavehouse and everyone there after so long. I shall be back again to ride. 

Till then, time for bed and to welcome yet another busy day at work tomorrow.


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