Things to do in Genting 2014

by - December 22, 2014

Over Christmas, my family and i headed up to Genting to spend our festive holiday. After the major outdoor theme park has closed down to make way for the spanky new Fox 20th Century theme park to debut in 2016, Genting has been pretty much quiet these days.

We went up to Genting to soak up in the nice cool weather, time away from the gadgets and internet, spending some quality time together as a family. It was a good getaway i would say. We had so much fun in our own world; singing out hearts out, running out in the 14 degrees drizzle etc. 

We took up a christmas sesame street package with 707 tour as it was the most value-for-money package around. 

Departed Chinatown on the coach at 9pm on christmas eve, and surprisingly we crossed both customs pretty quick! Our bus driver was some hipster daredevil, he drove at super speed and he cited that his number plate was issued by the Najib, thus he had lots of clearance along the way. We didn't even had to take our luggage down at the customs! How convenient is that! Keep a lookout for 1M4U9707 in the future, he's the best bus driver around. hahahaa!

Had the mandatory stopover at Yong Peng for a quick supper break, and carried on the journey watching movie on the bus. By the time the movie ended, it was already 1.30am. I thought of taking a quick snooze but before i knew it, it was 330am and we have arrived at First World Hotel. As usual, we couldn't check in till later on in the morning, but it is always good to take your queue number first at the counter for check in. So 707 tour actually made a boo boo with our booking. We are a family of 4 adults, paid the price for 4 adults as well. When my dad made the booking, we initially took 2 separate connecting rooms, but the lady over the counter recommended us to take the suite instead as it was newer and more convenient for the family to be in the same room. My dad agreed and was under the impression that she had proceed with the booking for it. The room confirmation letter was not given on the day of payment, instead on the day of departure. 
*Always check your itinerary and room confirmation for double confirmation
My dad didn't check it, placed too much trust in the staff and we left for Singapore like that. Only upon arrival did we realize that the staff actually booked a Deluxe Triple room for 3 pax. It might have been our fault for overlooking the confirmation and not checking it through on the day of departure, however, it is also the responsibility of the staff not to put us in a room for 3 pax, when we have clearly paid for 4 adults. That really made us mad when we arrived. Imagine your holiday ruined because someone has no bed to sleep, and the room isn't exactly a suite size either. Even the sesame street performance ticket was for 2 adults and 2 kids. We managed to speak to the 707 desk representative over at Genting but we weren't given any room change. I don't think they could do anything for us. Luckily, we managed to change the tickets to 4 adults after talking to the staff at First World. Oh wells, we just made do with a Deluxe Triple Room since there wasn't any alternative options. Thankfully the single beds were wider, so after pushing 2 beds together, we could still comfortably sleep 3 of us on it.  
It's Christmas, let it be.

We managed to check in at 9am, and everyone crashed immediately.  I didn't get any/much sleep on the bus so imagine a zombie faced jasmine walking around. Woke up at noon and we decided to head down to Mushroom Farm for lunch. My bro and i actually saw someone's blogpost on Mushroom Farm and we decided to follow suit. Note that there is shuttle service from First World hotel to Mushroom Farm, butttttt, there are 2 different buses; one is named 8346 and the other is 9100. In fact, these 2 shuttles brings you to the same place, but different eating outlets. In my opinion, 8346 is the more famous outlet and 9100 is a competitor. They have the exact same name, located at the same place, but one is significantly more crowded than the other. Both shuttles run at regular timings, the drive to Mushroom Farm is just a mere 5 min away, but because the road is steep and populated with construction sites and barricades which makes it dangerous to walk down on your own. Apparently, this place is quite famous among tourists, so do expect a crowd especially during dinner! We came during lunch and it was quite breezy; not too crowded, not too empty either. We ordered Wu Hua Rou, Cereal Prawn, Steamed fish and mushroom (of course!).

Total bill came to RM148. Wasn't too bad considering the portions were just nice to feed 4 adults and we were so full afterwards.

Went for a walk around the premises after lunch, had a look at their homegrown vegetables and mushroom farm before heading back to the hotel. 

Started our shopping session at 2pm but we didn't buy much. Actually shop prices at Genting are almost similar to that of Singapore's, perhaps because Genting is filled with tourists, so the prices are also jacked up. What made shopping affordable was the recent 2.62 exchange rate. HO HO HO! Managed to snag up two cheap bottles of Ralph Lauren perfume at RM99 and a pair of Nike Sports Shoe at RM209 ! FYI, there's a Nike Outlet Shop inside the Mall, should be on the 3rd floor, near the K Studio, stuff there are pretty decent. But a little pricey for their apparels, considering its an outlet store.  .__.

Headed back to our room to freshen up and rest before our Sesame Street show at 5.30pm. My bro totally fell asleep during the show. Well, it was a kids show to begin with. HAHA! our family was probably the only adult sized family, singing along to the songs and grooving to their dance moves.. #familythatnevergrowsold

Had dinner at haoyouji , but i didn't find it particularly fascinating or what. I felt that the meal at mushroom farm was much better

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