Jolly Season

by - December 24, 2014

'Tis the season to be jolly ~

Yes that's right, Christmas is just around the corner! To be exact, its about 6 hours away!! Xmas has always been my favourite season of all, Im sure it is the same for most. This year, i'll be spending xmas with my family; something which i haven't had the privilege of doing so for the past few years as I was living overseas. 

It didn't matter where we spent it at, as long as we're spending it together as a family. Since our parents wanted to go somewhere cooling and nearby, we decided on Genting to relieve the memories. There isn't much to do at Genting now as they're undergoing major face lift to welcome a new theme park/ hotel, but we'll enjoy the weather and company of each other.

Will be away till Sunday! After which, i will be updating on my splendid weekend spent at Butter's last Booty Call. I reckon my computer is under some form of virus attack now..... Its takes 3 seconds to register every alphabet i type, doesn't download any photos, takes 5 min to load a page etc.


Have a good holiday everyone and stay safe! Till then!

*Inserts Santa Claus waving*


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